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Getting a Work Out in the Winter!

Snow and more snow, ice, sleet!  Hard for a girl to get her workouts!

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Well I made it to the gym today finally!  I’m over all this winter stuff!  How about you guys?   So what’s a girl to do when you can’t make it to the gym?

Hopefully you have a device to use at home (lucky I do) but no weights, friends or the cool sweaty workout environment!   I know you must be thinking she’s NUTS!  But hey whatever it takes to get this weight off right?    Ok so you don’t have the machine or weights at home now what?  Well guess we better improvise huh!  And how we going to do that you say!   Well lets start with getting in the mood first!

Work out clothes, check.  Us girls love buying and wearing them, not to mention shopping for them ( thats another story) lol.

Music or I Pods to listen to while working out, check

Locked door to keep unwanted visitors out, such as husband, dogs, cats, or Whatever!  check.

Oh and how about Please don’t eat before you work out!  Man thats hard to vamp up the energy after eating, But do drink your water!  check

Ok We are in the mood now right??!!  OK so next step.

No machine No weight NO PROBLEM!    Floor exercises now don’t moan or cry we got this!!  And how about some good Ol Richard Simmons or Zumba or MY favorite  Body Groove which is free style dancing and moves to music and hey they even have one for Seniors!!  Dig that Man!!

How about free style weight!  You know those ones like you get at discount stores in different colors and sizes,  And if you don’t have them lets just fill up some milk jugs or grab some cans of food, your dog, cat, husband,  oops forgo the last one!! lol

So do what you have to do and not give up or give in!  Theirs always a way just think outside the box a bit and YOU GOT THIS!!!

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!!!!!!!!!!   YOUR WORTH IT !!!!!!!!!/