Beautiful Sunday Morning

Frost glowing on the ground and winter beauty is all around. The birds chirping against the blue sky’s and sleepy trees always make me thankful for all the beautiful that I see.

Christmas is around the corner as we all hustle from store to store just looking and looking always wanting to get more! Presents , food making gifts and more But who or what it’s about is NOT the store!

Give thanks for your blessings, family and friends but mostly remember remember the Christ Child laying in a manger who came to this earth to Bless us all with the gift of Salvation, Love, Eternity and many gifts and blessings.

We must open our hearts and share the blessings we have received, Share the love that we give so freely to others around us, With Faith , Love and Compassion we can all make this season and everyday a gift and blessing to all.

God Bless Us Everyone🙏