A woman Sitting Alone On A Park Bench, Hears Something

Hears something that could change the world!

A woman sitting alone on a park bench, hears something very fainting not too far from where she was sitting and as she leans forward the faint sound seemed to be coming in front of her near a cluster of three beautiful sunflowers glowing in the morning sun.

The color and added sunbeams brought a glow to the flowers like she had never seen; She knelt down near them with an urge to pick the beautiful flowers when all of a sudden she heard a faint little voice from the first sunflower she was about to pick and it spoke to her and said “Oh, no don’t pick me” I’m here to spread compassion for all that look upon me!  The woman smiled and pulled her hand back and said” I understand that and I will let you grow to spread compassion.

The woman then went to pick the next sunflower and again she heard a small faint voice and the little sunflower said “Oh please don’t pick me; For I’m here to spread Faith to all that see me!”  The woman spoke back and told the glowing sunflower; “Oh I won’t pick you for we all need more faith”. Then the woman leaned over towards the last beautiful glowing sunflower and reached to pick it when she heard yet another small voice say ” “Oh please pick me for I’m the Mother of their seeds and you may pick me and dry my seeds to spread about the earth!  For I’m the seed of Love,Compassion and Faith and will grow strong in the hearts of many a gardens and hearts”

The woman gently picked the last sunflower of the group with tenderness, love and ever so much compassion to take and spread its seed across the land!

To this day the aged woman still remembers her visit to the park and the Sunflowers that spoke gently to her heart and without telling a soul did what the Sunflower ask of her.

To this day a tiny dried sunflower petal placed gently in a crystal bowl will always speak to her heart and soul and remind her of the day “She helped spread Love, Compassion          and Faith across the earth.                                                                                                  fullsizeoutput_39ff

Pamela Marston