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Winter Bliss

Well how’s everyone doing??

We just had about our 3 winter storms here in the Midwest and blowing high winds tomorrow will make All drift! Then Friday-Monday more storms and snow!!

On top of all this yesterday was headed out to the gym and slipped and fell on icy sidewalk at home!!! Shizelles!!!!Twisted my leg back under me twisted my ankle and foot laying there like a dead zombie for a couple minutes while my Husband my husband mind you sets in the truck waiting on me blindly to me flying in the air twisted and crashing on my arss on the cold cement!! Finally he sees me and comes running to help!! “What happened dear? You alright?”

Duh!!! Do I look alright my purse in on direction my thermal cup another and my twisted limbs all over!!! You think dear!!!๐Ÿคจ

Well I made it to the truck with his help finally and then he got it!!! Needless to say He’ll never go to the truck again with out me with him!!

So we headed to the gym!!!

See I can’t quit ,

if at all


I come to far y’all 51 lbs and 5-6 sizes down in 35 years!!!

Heck to the no, so I went ,

got through it and on the way home stoped and bought a brace to wear for ankle/foot support. It’s sore swollen and such but I can walk and thank the Lord so!!

So my point is

1- Make sure someone walks you to your vehicle when nasty out

2- Never give up if possible think positive, pray and keep fighting for your goals baby!!

3. I’m here for you!!

Happy Blissful and Thankful!

As for Winter Storms build a freaking snowman that looks like your husband and bomb it with snowballs! (Therapy)๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜œ

But I love that man! And Life