Natural Needful Items


Homemade Spices with harvested herbs.

Home Made Essential Items

Home Storage Basics

There are three Categories of Home Storage: Basic Storage Would include life sustaining foods and nonfood items;  These include items as  grains, rice, corn or other cereal grains, dried milk, dried fish, legumes (beans and peas), sugar salt, fat and water.   Also store  a years supply of garden seeds to plant and supplement your diet.… Continue reading Home Storage Basics

Home Made Essential Items


My canned carrots and potatoes   As a stay at home mother of 4 , I was always  finding ways to stretch the dollar and and feed our family of six  which was very hard at times with just  one of us working so I tried to find ways to compensate. We had a large… Continue reading Canning

Home Made Essential Items


I began Gardening in my younger years when our family was young and keep learning and experiencing each year!   Live and Learn right?   I'm no professional my no means , but I had a lot of fun and sore hands in the process! Well to start off lets pick and good location for your garden with at… Continue reading Gardening