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The day has finally come

Months of chicken mothering

Today finally paid off!

After months of caring for little chicks day and night, feeding , watering, cleaning vents, cages and the endless supplies and food today was the day it all paid off with this “One Little Egg”

Sitting there all by its self in the nesting box wanting to be celebrated!!

So yes chicken Moma it all was worth it! I have bonded with all nine of them and even the Two Roosters!!

My first time raising urban chickens and I love every minute of it .

So stay tuned for further adventures at Yellow Banks Urban Homestead .

Ps. What come first the chicken or the egg???So You Want To Be A Chicken Moma

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Make A Plan

Well it’s been a while since I been on here and it’s been a busy time here on the homestead!

So busy that I’ve not been to the gym lately but I have been working outside a lot and using my workout machine so it’s not all bad!

How about you? What’s your plan? Do you slow down come summer or quit the gym and workout at home? I think its good either way as long as you don’t quit totally!! I also have some weights sitting near my chair to remind me to get lifting!! It’s been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs and that’s normal we all are going to have weeks with a gain ! We just have to shake it off and start new the next day believe me I know how easy it would be to just say who cares anymore I messed up so why try anyway!! Been there done that!

Gain 2 pounds, lose 3 and sometimes plateau for a month!! That was hard on me knowing I have only 30 pounds to go and man it’s been the hardest! But I’m NOT giving up I think about it this way ; where was a I a year ago? A lot lighter ! Well there you go so why throw in the towel when you have come this far and done so good ! See what I mean , Look at it from where you were and then where you would like to be!!

Have a plan make a strategy like what will you do when you have a gain ? What’s your plan? Write it down then go back to it when you need it. And you will need it , We all do!!

So pull up those big girl or guy pants and hang in there you come to far Baby!!

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Growing Organically

It’s time to get your “ORGANIC” on!  Here are some things I love about organic gardening and tips to share with you.

A lot of the most common used chemicals used for non-organic gardening and farming have been linked to cancer, attention deficit disorder, autism, and a lot of other chronic diseases.  By avoiding synthetic chemical fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides means my garden is a safe haven for birds and bees to do their work!

Soil provides the nutrients that plants need to survive, and with a healthy nutrient soil you will get a healthy plant that will survive. Drainage is another important factor because many plants don’t like  their roots waterlogged plus it can cause root rot; Then the soil will be too acidic due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide and other byproducts of bacterial decomposition.

Good garden compost leaf mold, composted bark, and well-rotted manure are vital organic materials that should be incorporated into the soil.  By doing this they increase aeration and drainage in fine compacted  clay based soils.  Also it provides plenty of nutrients and are able to absorb moisture and retain it.

Compost is available purchase , but you can avoid the expense by making your own!

I had been thinking about compost for years especially with our hard sandy soil but wasn’t sure how , where or when so with studying and gathering material the compost pile has begun and I will no longer incorporate nasty chemicals into my garden or yard!

It’s a great way to recycle your house waste and regenerate it into the garden, not to mention reduces our land fills!   Some free organic material would be things like grass clippings, leaves, coffee grounds and wood chips and don’t forget the manure!

So you need a proper place for your compost pit and a corner of your garden would be great!  Or an open and closed bin would be easy also.  A good compost  pile would be building your pill with one part grass clippings and two parts dead leaves or other brown matter.  If you don’t want to hassle of transporting your compost to the garden beds or turning it  try  trench composting where you dump all the waste in trenches, and cover it with soil and then plant over it the next season.



Organic Gardening is all about avoiding chemicals of all kinds and types.   However some plant diseases are deadly and spread quickly through an entire crop and destroy it.!  Diseases may be caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses!  Who knew!  It is tempting to use these chemical based solutions, but it’s important to avoid them as they can enter the plants directly through the plant tissue or by way of contaminated air and water.

Getting disease-resistant varieties is best for organic gardens.    Many plant breeders have developed many cultivars that are highly resistant to viral diseases, bacterial -rot and Fungal- infections and not all of them are GMO !  A good solution is to look for Heirloom varieties tat have developed high levels of disease resistance, They may cost a little more but worth it in the end.

Seeds and starts for your garden are best if bought in local nurseries so you know they are suitable for your climate and zone area.  Local varieties are acclimatized to the climate and seasonal variations.  Try to find high yielding and disease-resistant varieties popular in your specific area.

Don’t forget chickens and other farm animals are a benefit in organic gardening!  They not only develop organic eggs but act as a composers eating up anything eatable such as garbage, food, vegetable peels, garden waste, insects, and their constant scratching brings up larvae that live in the soil and mulch!  The best part they can provide you with high quality of organic manure!!  Raising turkeys, sheep goats and rabbits are great choices for organic gardens.  Turkey manure is nitrogen rich while sheep manure is high potash content.   Manure of herbivorous animals is safe added to the soil without any treatment, especially rabbit droppings as it breaks down quick without turning plant roots.

So get your compost going, and if possible some farm animals for some good manure and great organic eggs!

I don’t know about you but we are excited to be going Organic outside as well as we have been going green inside and will be all the better and healthier for making these great decisions plus make some new animal friends along the way!


Happy Organic Gardening!!!























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In It For The Long Haul!!

Are you about to give up?



I know you have ask yourselves this many a time!!  I know for a fact I have so many times I can’t count them!!   Basically Here, I’m talking about the “H” word HEALTH  however you want to put it healthy life, healthy eating, healthy living, healthy input, healthy exercise, healthy bowel movements!!   But for me It’s Healthy ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

If you have followed my previous post on my Health Journey you know by now I have had my ups and downs;  And If you have not read them I encourage you to do so just so you know I’m human!  We all are!!  (This post will be linked to the latter ones I spoke of).

Half of February and up till today I have been up and down on the scale some of it my fault and some not,  But I’m here to tell you I have  had many days thinking about just throwing in the towel and breaking the scale plus a few dishes!!  Its been a long road and I just didn’t think it would take this long!!!  I started almost a year ago, to be exact  in two weeks will be my  One year start date I have been at this diet, healthy eating, blah, blah,blah,  AND still not at goal !!!

Do I give up, throw in the towel, cry my eyes out and anything else I can think of!  ???Getting a Work Out in the Winter!


It took me 35 years to get unhealthy!!  So what makes me think I can do it in months!!!

What was I thinking??  What am  I thinking!!  Ok I understand that sorta!   It’s the American way “I want to it now”!!!  But In reality it’s not going to happen that quick when  I have more than 25 pounds to lose ;  But Hey that’s ok I have learnt a lot in the process and a lot about me!  I didn’t gain it overnight and I’m not going to lose it overnight!

Yes it would be so easy, a relief not to worry or think about food all the time, what to eat, what should I eat, how much to eat, etc.etc…..     Healthy Living At Least Trying

Number one;  I , me, you, we can’t keep thinking about that damn scale all the time that in its self, will drive you to depression or a BIG food party!!  It’s not always the scale or the numbers where we can see the rewards;  It can be many other things such as smaller cloths, feeling more energy, off medications and more, you get the idea.   So no lets not throw in the towel and yes we will have our ups and downs and victories  some on the scale, some off  the scale.   Maybe we do have a medical issue that at times it flares up and causes some weight gain and the next week it’s better, We just have to remember that and take it into consideration.   That is one of my issues I had  a bowel resection and I’m in constant battle with foods and constipation. (sorry for the bad visual) .  But some us have some kind of health issue that will get in the losing weight way time and again and that’s ok just don’t beat yourself up over it!  Your body will catch up.


So I guess what I’m saying is, This Healthy Journey is a “MIND SET”  It’s not just reading a diet book or a new trend  and saying,  “Hey I’m going to do this! ”   You have to get it set in your mind, and make a plan!   OR IT JUST BECOMES A WISH !!!

So NO we are not going to quit!  not now not ever!!  Living Healthy is not just a diet it is a way of life and once you reach your healthy goal you have to maintain it right??

RIGHT!  Think about it if you have turned your life around and now living healthy enjoying life, happier than ever, don’t you want to keep it that way??  Well I sure do !!!

Not saying you will never get to eat the foods you want to, you can just do it moderately and be accountable for it!  Maybe more exercise that week you know  your going out or for a special occasion.  Remember to drink your daily water, watch your sugar, up your exercise that’s all planning ahead!  Let me put this out right here I’m NOT a Dr, a Diet Guru or Specialist I’m just me sharing my thoughts and what I have been through and believe me its been tough but man It’s been worth it to feel the freedom and happiness in so many ways and so MY fight MY journey continues one day at time with a positive mindset!  At least for today right??  Right!  And you can too just never give up, never throw in the towel!!            Getting over the Hurdles














!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥


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Still Working It

Not giving up or giving in!  I got this!

As you can see I’m still working out and working on my health and It has been a long road now!  It has been almost a year since I started and I have seen a lot of changes and I’m proud to say all for the Best!  Looking back to a year ago I thought or Didn’t think much about making these Life Changes or what I could or should do; I just put it to the back of my mind ignoring it hoping it would go away!  Then I would pass a mirror and see myself and it hit like a ton of bricks man!!  Why, What, How, How was I going to change things, I know I must but crap it’s so hard and I don’t know where to start.



See  how the fat in the body of the 250 pound  person is smothering the organs, limbs, knees, heart, even the neck and spine !  No wonder I couldn’t bend!

This is a wake up call for sure!!  

Tears whelled up along with shame, guilt, discuss, you name it!   BUT I KNEW I had to do something!   I was on blood pressure medication, short of breath with exertion, couldn’t bend over and tie my shoes with out getting out of breath, couldn’t cross my legs for YEARS!!  Belly Flaps, (disgusting but true) and spent years shopping in the Big Girl departments always feeling ashamed to be there and did not like going out in public in the first dang place!   I know this all my seem hard to understand unless you have experienced yourself  but it is real!!!!    I needed help and support!!!  Thats when I joined a weight loss group and was given the guidance to eat right, move and be accountable for what and when food went into my mouth!!!  Was it easy?  Heck No!!  Did it work?  Yes If I worked it!!   It all boils down to I LOVE FOOD!!!!  But I had to find a way I could eat to live NOT Live to eat!!!    Don’t get me wrong here folks I’m not preaching here;  I’m hear to share my story and hope and pray it will help someone else!  I’m not perfect by no means!  I have slip ups all the time man!!  I may eat too much bread one day or maybe not watch my portion control. ( that’s a big one for me). again I love food!   Or maybe it’s a holiday, birthday, funeral, wedding, OR maybe its just a dang day you feel like eating!!

(this page is linked to my other health page where you can see my before). 

I know I have to workout almost everyday and watch what I eat plus I can eat anything I want as long as I do it wisely and not over indulge myself!  I can’t tell you how many Diets I have been on or off and all the tricks and trades you hear about these days, but I will tell you lay off the sugar and drink lots of water!!!  And exercise too!  You have to move or do something an by moving I don’t mean  move to the refrigerator and back to sit down!!  You, Me. Have get off our butts and move along with  some kind of work out!  I will tell you once you start you will begin to see in increase in energy and the desire to do more!   Just don’t over do it when you first start;  work up to it slowly and gain strength and momentum, Your body will thank you!


I Love going to the gym now and hate to miss a day!  I love the weight machines, and treadmill the most  LOL (thats all they have there basically) But it works for me!  I have weeks I lose a couple pounds and then I have a plateau and again maybe a gain!  Hey I’m human and it happens I face it and start a new day and Not give up!!  I can’t!   I have come too far and have had too many good rewards to quit now!   What rewards you might ask?  Well all kinds of them,  It’s not just the scale!  Think about it!. Rewards come in so many ways;

  • weight loss
  • smaller sizes
  • cross your legs
  • more stamina
  • able to work out or work out more
  • able to say NO THANK YOU
  • smaller ring sizes
  • less appitite
  • compliments
  • confidence
  • more social
  • big one!  Off medications
  • more energy
  • run
  • workout
  • gardening

So see theirs so many rewards other than the scale, and I’m sure you will think of more to add to the list.

Well I hope this has not depressed you but has give you some momentum to carry on in your Health Journey!!  I know it has me and It will continue the rest of my life!



Pamela ♥



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Getting a Work Out in the Winter!

Snow and more snow, ice, sleet!  Hard for a girl to get her workouts!

woman in red shirt sitting on fitness equipment
Photo by Jessica Monte on Pexels.com

Well I made it to the gym today finally!  I’m over all this winter stuff!  How about you guys?   So what’s a girl to do when you can’t make it to the gym?

Hopefully you have a device to use at home (lucky I do) but no weights, friends or the cool sweaty workout environment!   I know you must be thinking she’s NUTS!  But hey whatever it takes to get this weight off right?    Ok so you don’t have the machine or weights at home now what?  Well guess we better improvise huh!  And how we going to do that you say!   Well lets start with getting in the mood first!

Work out clothes, check.  Us girls love buying and wearing them, not to mention shopping for them ( thats another story) lol.

Music or I Pods to listen to while working out, check

Locked door to keep unwanted visitors out, such as husband, dogs, cats, or Whatever!  check.

Oh and how about Please don’t eat before you work out!  Man thats hard to vamp up the energy after eating, But do drink your water!  check

Ok We are in the mood now right??!!  OK so next step.

No machine No weight NO PROBLEM!    Floor exercises now don’t moan or cry we got this!!  And how about some good Ol Richard Simmons or Zumba or MY favorite  Body Groove which is free style dancing and moves to music and hey they even have one for Seniors!!  Dig that Man!!

How about free style weight!  You know those ones like you get at discount stores in different colors and sizes,  And if you don’t have them lets just fill up some milk jugs or grab some cans of food, your dog, cat, husband,  oops forgo the last one!! lol

So do what you have to do and not give up or give in!  Theirs always a way just think outside the box a bit and YOU GOT THIS!!!

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!!!!!!!!!!   YOUR WORTH IT !!!!!!!!