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Still Working It

Not giving up or giving in!  I got this!

As you can see I’m still working out and working on my health and It has been a long road now!  It has been almost a year since I started and I have seen a lot of changes and I’m proud to say all for the Best!  Looking back to a year ago I thought or Didn’t think much about making these Life Changes or what I could or should do; I just put it to the back of my mind ignoring it hoping it would go away!  Then I would pass a mirror and see myself and it hit like a ton of bricks man!!  Why, What, How, How was I going to change things, I know I must but crap it’s so hard and I don’t know where to start.



See  how the fat in the body of the 250 pound  person is smothering the organs, limbs, knees, heart, even the neck and spine !  No wonder I couldn’t bend!

This is a wake up call for sure!!  

Tears whelled up along with shame, guilt, discuss, you name it!   BUT I KNEW I had to do something!   I was on blood pressure medication, short of breath with exertion, couldn’t bend over and tie my shoes with out getting out of breath, couldn’t cross my legs for YEARS!!  Belly Flaps, (disgusting but true) and spent years shopping in the Big Girl departments always feeling ashamed to be there and did not like going out in public in the first dang place!   I know this all my seem hard to understand unless you have experienced yourself  but it is real!!!!    I needed help and support!!!  Thats when I joined a weight loss group and was given the guidance to eat right, move and be accountable for what and when food went into my mouth!!!  Was it easy?  Heck No!!  Did it work?  Yes If I worked it!!   It all boils down to I LOVE FOOD!!!!  But I had to find a way I could eat to live NOT Live to eat!!!    Don’t get me wrong here folks I’m not preaching here;  I’m hear to share my story and hope and pray it will help someone else!  I’m not perfect by no means!  I have slip ups all the time man!!  I may eat too much bread one day or maybe not watch my portion control. ( that’s a big one for me). again I love food!   Or maybe it’s a holiday, birthday, funeral, wedding, OR maybe its just a dang day you feel like eating!!

(this page is linked to my other health page where you can see my before). 

I know I have to workout almost everyday and watch what I eat plus I can eat anything I want as long as I do it wisely and not over indulge myself!  I can’t tell you how many Diets I have been on or off and all the tricks and trades you hear about these days, but I will tell you lay off the sugar and drink lots of water!!!  And exercise too!  You have to move or do something an by moving I don’t mean  move to the refrigerator and back to sit down!!  You, Me. Have get off our butts and move along with  some kind of work out!  I will tell you once you start you will begin to see in increase in energy and the desire to do more!   Just don’t over do it when you first start;  work up to it slowly and gain strength and momentum, Your body will thank you!


I Love going to the gym now and hate to miss a day!  I love the weight machines, and treadmill the most  LOL (thats all they have there basically) But it works for me!  I have weeks I lose a couple pounds and then I have a plateau and again maybe a gain!  Hey I’m human and it happens I face it and start a new day and Not give up!!  I can’t!   I have come too far and have had too many good rewards to quit now!   What rewards you might ask?  Well all kinds of them,  It’s not just the scale!  Think about it!. Rewards come in so many ways;

  • weight loss
  • smaller sizes
  • cross your legs
  • more stamina
  • able to work out or work out more
  • able to say NO THANK YOU
  • smaller ring sizes
  • less appitite
  • compliments
  • confidence
  • more social
  • big one!  Off medications
  • more energy
  • run
  • workout
  • gardening

So see theirs so many rewards other than the scale, and I’m sure you will think of more to add to the list.

Well I hope this has not depressed you but has give you some momentum to carry on in your Health Journey!!  I know it has me and It will continue the rest of my life!



Pamela ♥