Healthy Recipes

Good Healthy Veggie Salad


Oh what to have for supper?

Well of course a salad! Always a salad, But what else? Well let out some chopped ham on it, some chopped tomatoes, broccoli and don’t forget a little cheese! I’ll use cheddar today.

But I still wanted something ! You ever get that way ? Just need to change it up a bit dress it up a little!

Well I found two English cucumbers in the fridge you know those big long baby’s almost as long as a billy club man!

Well I peeled and chopped those up then chopped some cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and for good measure I added some dried cranberries!! Little garlic powder, salt, course pepper, some Ranch dressing about 1/2 cup and Wolah!! A newly created “Cucumber Salad” And man was it good and just put a big dollop right on top my salad and it was the bomb!

So just use your imagination and think healthy for you never know what you’ll come up with!

Try it, Enjoy it, and here’s to ya✌️💪