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Working your Butt off and scale not cooperating

Whats going on with my body?

I was about ready to throw in the towel a few days ago!!  Have you ever been there or done that?  As I stated in past writings on my health journal I have tried many attempts to lose weight and when one wouldn’t work I’d go to another and so forth and so on!  Does this sound familiar ?  well It seems to have been my pattern for the past 40 years!!  MAN!!  How can a person diet all their life and be at peace with their self?


Let me tell you Its not been easy!  The past month I have bumped my work outs up harder and longer for 6-8 days straight and watched what I was eating, or so I thought.

I jumped on the scale at my weight meetings and ANOTHER GAIN!!!  How can this be I was instantly in tears full blown ;like I’m done what’s the use, why I’m I here and what’s the damn point!!! Yup that’s right ME!!  The one that writes about how to succeed and cheering you all on!  I felt like a complete failure and so so tired mentally and physically that day.  With in a few minutes after facing the dreaded scale MY  Leader noticed my distress and came to the rescue; We talked ,cried, and embraced while coming up with a plan of action.  You see I thought I was doing everything right, tracking my food I ate and doing my workouts and tracking my steps etc,  well their were a few little things that contributed to my 1.2 gain of this week and the gain the week before and the stand stills.

So the Plan is to track everything that goes into my mouth!  weigh my food, and that includes what I drink.  So this all got me thinking more I’m I really doing the program right??  Honestly??  NO. I was not measuring the butter, weighing the meat, drinking enough water, drinking more pop!  Did you notice the RED Light come on??  Yup. Me too!

Drink half of what you weigh in water!!  A DAY! that’s 80-90 oz for me!!  ok I can do that plus I’ll get more steps back and forth to the bathroom! Yeah me!


I know now the best way to be successful is to be honest with yourself and the plan, and I thought I was doing alright, but was taking too many short cuts which lead to the gains and stand stills!!  We shall see next Wednesday.

I (we) have to remember their are other victories besides the scale(numbers)  and believe me that’s hard to swallow!! My cloths getting looser, tummy going down, more energy and little things like that are also victories .  We all get use to seeing the numbers game and then its  hard to recognize the other!

Spring is coming!  Hold your head up and keep fighting the fight!!  ( I’m telling myself this also). This page is for my success as much is it written to help you all succeed!!

WE are all in this journey together and will succeed with help of each other, family, friends or who ever leads you guides and walks beside you!

We can do this y’all




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I Love Me!

Do you value yourself?

So how would you describe your self-esteem right now?  Low? High? Or somewhere in between?!!

What is Self- Esteem?  It is how a person describes themselves a belief that he or she deserves to be happy and can handle everyday life.  TO LOVE THEMSELVES!

Does it have anything to do with the number on the scale?? NO!  BUT I will tell you we sometimes believe that our self-worth and our weight go hand in hand,  I DID!!

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WE have to value our self-worth no matter what our weight!  and I know that’s tough for I fought it all my life and the prejudices of other people.    We have to separate weight and self-esteem and I know it can be hard for some but we have to have this super woman or man esteem to get through this health journey and our life plans or we will become stagnant and give up and I won’t have that!!  It will keep us going during the hard challenges we face and make us more likely to pursue our goals.

I don’t know about you but it gave me the self-confidence to keep going to keep fighting the fat bulge  and not worry about what others thought or worse to compare myself with others!   Think about it when we are feeling healthy and confident in our skin we treat ourselves better, we are happier, we make better choices.  We have a better body image of ourselves which will boost us to work harder and lose more weight!  I have been there done that!    How do you feel when you made a bad choice? doomed, down, want to give up, give in?  You start to think you’re not worth it right?   Do you see how the cycle goes??  It can be vicious!!  We must stop it right now right here and at that very moment! Don’t give up,  ok you made a bad choice, deal with it!  Tomorrow is another day and a new beginning.  Hey were all human and  snickers happen man!!

Being healthy and on a weight loss journey is not punishment!  Its taking control of your life, your choices along with your thoughts and beliefs !

When I was younger with four kids at home and being a stay at home mom while hubby worked It seemed like all I got done was change diapers, clean, and COOK!!  What’s the big deal you say?  Well with a family of six back in the day we ate a lot of carbs, we couldn’t afford all the healthy food, only if the garden produced well and on occasions.   So the weight keep piling on  c-section after c-section (4) to be exact! The old fashion way too!  You know mommies can get stressed too and what did I do?  Comfort eating!! Yup stress/food, sad/food, lonely/food, angry/food,  See the pattern their!  Another cycle started which lead to more weight, low self-esteem and low self-worth.  You know as I sit here now writing this out I’m thinking why didn’t I see this then???   Did I miss the boat? Or what!!    Its simple take away the self judgement and criticism and replace it with kindness and compassion!  Boost that Self-Esteem  see yourself as a friend or a relative would, with appreciation, love and acceptance.

Do you have a person or relative that really cares about you?  I’m sure you do.

Well think about that person for a minute,  What do they look like?  what color are their eyes, Whats their personality?

What makes that person special to you?  How does it feel thinking about them?  Are they happy, loving, what does their voice sound like?

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Now imagine that YOUR THAT PERSON!   See yourself through their eyes,  What do they notice about yourself?  Now shift your perspective.  Now those thoughts and feelings are things you like about yourself!!  Write it down if it helps,  keep it for a booster!!   Take one day a week and do this excercise and practice seeing yourself through a loved one’s eyes.

Self – Esteem is not about changing what you look like or what you do, It’s about changing your attitude about yourself and your worth!


STINKING THINKING                                                                        

I can’t really feel happy till I lose this weight.


I can feel happy no matter my weight, yes I’d like to lose and get healthy, but my weight does not define me,  I like who I am.

  Stinking Thinking : Theirs no way I am going to stand up and give a talk at school

Positive Thinking:    I love to entertain and speak to people,  the scale shouldn’t hold me back,  Everyone will be watching me and admiring my voice and humor.

You get the point?  We as humans can be so hard on us and beat ourselves down constantly!  I did it for years!  It’s time for a reality check man!!  Do you not love your relative any less or best friend if they don’t live a healthy life style?  Of course not!  I had a fluffy Grandma and never thought nothing of it, she was loving, my role model and full of spunk and confidence.

Good Advice

Be an Inspiration to others and to your selves!  Being a part of a health group where we all are working on our healthy life style,  I have never seen a bunch of loving, caring, supportive men and women helping each other plus never looking down on each other!  Only love and support.  It made me think about how I felt about myself, my worth and my confidence!  I sat in the back corner for months watching and listening to praises, support, ideas, clapping and cheering each other on and suddenly I felt different!  I felt comfortable in my skin, I felt a part of something, something BIG!!  SOMETHING MEANT FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!  Confidence, Love of  Self, Acceptance and ready to meet a challenge !!  I had new confidence in myself and my ability to be a healthier me!! I was ready to take on the more active life, make more healthy choices and except a slip up now and then and pick myself up and keep on trucking on!!