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The Old Laundry Days

I was standing here folding laundry and looking at the cloths pin basket and wash board and the old memories came up from my child hood!! A little of a nightmare I might add !

I was about 10-12 yo and remember hanging up cloths outside after mom threw them in a basket and out I went to hang those wet things up , not my favorite thing to do mind ya!

Then back in to the OLD Maytag Ringer washing machine! It was my job to take them out of the rinse water and hand run them through the ringer of the Machine, the spool thingy spun the whole time I was trying to just barely push a piece of wet clothing into it that thing! Well then all of a sudden before I knew it that sucker had me!!!

It grabbed my fingers then my hand, then went rolling and grabbing my wrist half way up my dang arm!!! Holy Batman I was doomed the thing wouldn’t unlock then finally after mom was banging on the release that monster let go of its grip!!

Well to this day my right wrist and forearm are a little flatter thanks to LAUNDRY!!!

So this gal loves our modern washing appliances so much that I make my own soap, softener and kinda dream of hanging my cloths on the line ( If I had one)

It’s coming this spring ! It’s all about Self-Reliance you know!

Happy Washing Y’all

Laundry Soap