Home Made Essential Items on an urban homestead

Soothing Healing Hand & Foot Salve

Dry rough hands and dry cracked feet try this.

This is a great Salve / Lotion that has natural infused Herb Calendula , Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter, Bees Wax, And Essential Oils with healing properties, Anti-Fungal, Antiseptic, Astringent, it’s, Scrapes and skin issues Also Healing property’s.

It’s a great skin toner and improves elasticity, moistens skin,wrinkles, dermatitis,eczema,rashes,skin discoloring and used to Treat precancerous skin conditions also used in cosmetics for these reasons so that’s why I include it in my skin care products!



Great for dry cracked skin and rash or irritated skin.

Out door workers, Gardeners, or Chicken mamas, who constantly wash their hands, Even my hubby likes it! What about sandal weather?  It will soon be upon us and you don’t want dry cracked heels showing!   Great for cold dry winters and warm dirt digging summers! It’s a gold like color due to the herb Calendula no artificial colors or ingredients!  Simple to make and I usually put in small jars or small cosmetic jars of glass. If you keep the glass and re-wash it can be filled again also.

The Ingredients you will need to make :

-1/2 cup olive oil

-1/2 c herb infused oil( OR 1-cup olive oil and 1/4 c of avocado oil or if you like almond oil, coconut)

-4 Tablespoons Bees Wax

-1- Tablespoon Vit- E Oil (Add LAST after you remove from stove )

In a double broiler or small pan in a larger pan of 2 inches of water heat on low then add the bees wax and when slightly melted add the other above oils. Stir constantly till melted then remove from stove. Stir Oils well.

Now add the Essential Oils

Essential Oils

-10 drops of carrot seed EO

-15 drops of oregano oil

-20 drops of tea tree oil

-15 drops of lemon oil

-12 drops of orange oil

-6 drops of peppermint oil

Stir well and pour into small jars or cosmetic containers and when cool apply lids and store in cool dark place.


Will make great gifts or items in your shop!  And they are all natural and smell good too!