Powdered Laundry soap

Powdered Laundry Soap

2 cups of Grated Bar soap;  I use Naptha or Castile you can purchase at discount stores  and bigger chain grocery stores ad Amazon,  Powered Borax, Washing Soda.

  • I first grate the soap;  I like to use my electric grater and then dump that mix into a large bowl.
  •  Next  is the Borax 1Cup,  it is a dry mix in a cardboard container;
  • Next is Washing Soda 1 cup, Now don’t confuse it with baking soda ,  it also comes in a large box that looks like the baking soda box!  Just be sure to read the label .
  • Essential Oils: 15 -30 drops, I use Lavender a lot and Citrus Oils. Just start low on drops and add to your liking. I like mine strong lol

Once I get all this mixed into the bowl  I then run it through my electric grater again and it make the soap finer and that’s it !!  Easy Peassy!

Put in air tight container and at this point you can also add your favorite

Essential Oils 15-30 drops , I love the Lavender for laundry.

  • IMG_0658Use 1/4 cup per large load;  which cost about 3-4 Cents a load!!   Can’t beat that huh !  It doesn’t suds up a lot but cleans awesome!

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