Homemade Natural Goat Milk Soap

I decided to try my hand at some home made natural soap and ordered a goat milk lye soap with Lye already set in a block!  I cut it up in chunks and melted it in a double broiler ( big pot and little pot inside the big one) and melted it down then adding Pure Essential Oils to my liking;  I chose these for this bar:  Pure vanilla, Vertiver, and Patchouli   along with a little soap coloring  .  Then proceeded to pour into silicon mold and let set a couple of hours and I have SOAP!   All Natural with no chemicals and nasty things in it.

I ordered my supplies from www.Amazon.com and a reputable soap and candle making company.  www.candle Science.com

All part of being more self sustaining and DIY living and not having to depend on the stores for all our home needs!!

Try it its a Blast and get the Kids to help too.

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