About Life at Yellow Banks

How I began  my gardening and Urban Homesteading without even knowing it!

I had always worked the gardens as a child and had a good teacher; but firm and old school!   Some of which I still use !

So from Gardening came Canning and lots of extra self-sustaining ways, That I accomplished through self-study, family, friends and church.

I  love photography, crafts and cooking so you will see some of those also !

Urban Homesteading  on our 1/2 acre urban setting in a little River town on the Great Mississippi!!   with gardening, canning, home-made foods and no more pre mixed box’s!  Wanting chickens soon!  shhhh…https://pamelamarston.com/food-storage-basics/

Natural Health and Home Remedies with a Green Home and ridding the house of chemicals for health and well-being.  Healthy eating and exercise is a new one this year and so far really enjoying it with Hubs joining me!

Making our own cleaners, soap, Laundry Detergents, Lotions, Deodorant, and other needful items , So look around check out the pages below and sharing is Love

I love making my own cleaning supplies , deodorant , Lotions, Soap, Scent Tarts just to mention a few!   So many of these store items are full of chemicals and cancer causing agents with so many affects to our body that I can’t make myself use them anymore!

I hope by sharing some of these ideas and more I  will help others on their journey also.

Hey I’m still learning and sharing. !  Let’s do it together!

So glad you came to visit and be sure to subscribe !

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