Family Recipes



I love this home made Pizza dough I make and would love to share it with you all !

I always use wheat flour in all my baking and cooking just because it’s better for us,  but you do what ever flour you like. So here goes and hope you enjoy as well as we do !!


1 packet of Quick yeast , dissolve in 3/4 c warm water

add to above 1 TBL of sugar and tsp of salt stir well.

add to the above liquid  2 c wheat flour  ,  I do one cup then add a little at a time  till all the dough clings together and not sticky.

Kneed the dough then put a tsp of oil in bowl add the dough ball then flip it over having the oil side up !  That way the dough won’t dry up ,  then cover with cloth and .et rise in non drafty area till double in size.   When dough is doubled punch down and remove from bowl.  Now the fun begins!   Spray your pizza pan or use little olive oil plus I use a little corn meal on top of oil for a crispier crust its your choice.

Then come the pizza sauce. I use my home made but u can you any you like followed by Italian seasoning, garlic and what ever else seasonings you like then the meats,Vegetables , and lastly mozzarella cheese and bake @ 400 degrees 15-20 min just keep n eye on it don’t want to burn this good dinner!!

now enjoy and let me know if you enjoyed it!!