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natural essential oil Lotion

Home Made Essential Items, Home Page

Pure Essential Shampoo

all natural homemade shampoo

Home Made Essential Items, Home Page

Home-made Scent Tarts

homemade essential oil scent tarts from my harvested herbs.

Home Made Essential Items, Home Page


INGREDIENTS: 2 teaspoons beeswax 1 teaspoon shea butter 3 teaspoons Fractionated Coconut Oil 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil 2 drops Cedarwood oil 2 drops Melaleuca oil, 2 drops Rosemary oil;   You can change it up to your preference, Just remember not to make it floral!  Guys don't like that LOL Combine all ingredients, except… Continue reading NATURAL BEARD CONDITIONER

Home Made Essential Items

Deodorant with Lavender (Serves 4 oz jar)

Deodorant with Lavender Instructions Ingredients: 1/4 cup Shea butter 2 Tabl  coconut oil 3 heaping Tbl beeswax  ( I use the small pellets) 3 Tbl baking soda 2 Tbl arrowroot powder/ or substitute with cornflower 20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil 10 drops of Tee tree ESsential Oil In a double broiler or bowl placed… Continue reading Deodorant with Lavender (Serves 4 oz jar)

Home Made Essential Items

Owie Blend (spray)

Good for those little cuts and scratches! Ingredients:  Essential Oils 15 drops of Melaleuca 15 drops of Lavender 5 drops Frankincense Top off 1-2 oz spray bottle with FCO(Fractionated coconut oil) and shake gently.  Great for kids and Adults!  No additives or chemicals and it smells wonderful! Author- Pamela Marston.  Photos- Pamela Marston Owie Blend… Continue reading Owie Blend (spray)

Home Made Essential Items, Natural Needful Items

Fabric Softener

  Ingredients: .4 C. of Epsom Salt .Essential Oil of your Choice .20 -40 Drops of Lavender or your choice .Use 1/4 C. Per Load Love It ! No Chemicals, softens water and Saves $$ Who wants all those nasty chemicals in their Laundry or Dryer and the build up!  This is gentle smells good… Continue reading Fabric Softener

Home Made Essential Items

Home Storage Basics

There are three Categories of Home Storage: Basic Storage Would include life sustaining foods and nonfood items;  These include items as  grains, rice, corn or other cereal grains, dried milk, dried fish, legumes (beans and peas), sugar salt, fat and water.   Also store  a years supply of garden seeds to plant and supplement your diet.… Continue reading Home Storage Basics

Home Made Essential Items


My canned carrots and potatoes   As a stay at home mother of 4 , I was always  finding ways to stretch the dollar and and feed our family of six  which was very hard at times with just  one of us working so I tried to find ways to compensate. We had a large… Continue reading Canning

Home Made Essential Items


I began Gardening in my younger years when our family was young and keep learning and experiencing each year!   Live and Learn right?   I'm no professional my no means , but I had a lot of fun and sore hands in the process! Well to start off lets pick and good location for your garden with at… Continue reading Gardening