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It’s A Mind Set

It may be hard ,It May be painful It may take all you got, But if you want it go for it!

It starts with You!

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The Journey

As I stood in the shower with the warm water running down my face and body I felt myself drifting into a trance like state.

I was aware of my surroundings , but I felt as though I was out of my body in a spiritual way. There was no pain, no sounds only that of the gentle water trickling in the shower.
I began to float further away into what seemed as colorful clouds and a sense of others presence but unseen to me. I would hear gentle whispering voices but unable to understand what they or who was speaking or was I just hearing this all in my mind! I wasn’t sure either way but only knew I was out of my body in a spiritual out-of-body experience or something near that.
I began to panic and reaching towards the voices but not feeling or sensing anyone near me only the sound in the distance.

I knew now that I was no longer in the shower for I could see myself or my body laying in the shower with my eyes closed; To me I looked **dead **and I began to panic again! “Whats happening to me, Where Am I ?” At that moment I felt and heard a gentle voice and felt a touch on my right shoulder and as I turned toward the touch I could hear this soft yet masculine person or spirit say to me
“Dear sweet daughter I have been waiting and watching over you for a long time and now you have come”. At that split moment I thought to myself; Daughter who’s daughter who is this and who’s talking to me?
Then suddenly I felt another touch on my left shoulder and was gently turned completely around, my eyes closed for a brief second and opened again when I heard a distinct mans voice say “ **YOU** are here my daughter because your work is finished on earth and you are needed here, So many have waited a long time for you to come and complete your mission with them. Again I thought what mission? Who? What is this person talking about? My mind was spinning wondering who is this person that calls me daughter and touched my shoulders . Then suddenly a bright light in the distance was glowing and seem to be growing at the same time while moving closer to this person who called me daughter and myself. We both watched as the glow became closer and more vivid in colors, colors that I have never seen nor dare try to explain.
Within seconds the glow was about upon us and diminished into a soft mist then suddenly appeared what looked like people sorta but semi-ghostly like spirits I have seen in movies or pictures, Then as I turned my head to see the person who called me daughter ; I actually seen his face with features and legs, arms, hands, but all mystic like, like a spirit! Then suddenly It hit me, I RECOGNIZED this spirit as that of my Father! My birth father the one who with my mother gave birth to me!!! The one who Died when I was only 18 months old!

scenic photography of the sky
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Then it hit me! I too have passed over and now hopefully in heaven or some glorious realm. I heard some faint voices again and noticed a group of people were walking or floating toward me and I could make out they were a mix of male and female personages. A un familiar feeling came upon me that I felt from my head to my toes surged thought out my body and I almost felt like I was going to pass out; At that same instant my Father gently grabbing both my hands said you are overcome with the spirit of joy and love and knowing that you are home now. I looked upon his face for the first time and I knew and recognized it to be truly my father , whom I never met but yet knew somehow through pictures, family stories and if I dare mention several visits that he has come to me day and night! I felt the tears build up in me my heart pounding yet filled with over whelming joy and love that I can’t begin to describe or barely speak of! I noticed the group of people were walking towards me now and could hear voices whispering gently and hear my name several times. I decided to walk towards them also and as I was in front of them now I began to recognize those as past family members mostly ones that I have NEVER meet!

They greeted me with open arms, tears, and just speaking through our hearts! No words had to be spoken we could understand each other in our minds and our hearts! I thought to myself I’m HOME, This is what my Grandmother was trying to tell me, my Great Grandfather, My Father, all have spoken to me at different times and ways telling me what I need to do and where I need to be but It was up to me to figure it out, to follow my heart, to listen to the prompting, the small voices!!

It all made sense now I was here for a reason, a mission, and purpose and I was with my family that have waited so long to be together. To see my Father to touch him speak with him and feel his love for me and more!! I felt no pain, no guilt, nor shame I felt whole completely loved and accepted for who I was .
I thought again Is this a dream, wake up! But deep in my heart and soul in my total being I knew I was truly home and where My Father wanted me to be and the others lovingly waiting for me to complete my journey to begin another.

selective focus photography of child s hand on person s palm
Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas on Pexels.com

I’ve heard of people talking about life beyond the veil on the other side and visitations and visions but never knew for sure, but yet having several of my own ALL of this journey made sense! My life on earth served a purpose I had created a family with my husband and felt I did ok, The best I knew at least.
Again faintly I heard my Father speak it is time to go with the others now and he reached for my hand and as I placed my hand in his I felt the warmth and tender love we had between us and gently we approached the other family members and walked towards another soft glowing light of strange colors and I noticed flowers appearing, gardens, animals of all kinds, buildings like I have never seen before, soft musical sounds or notes, and I noticed in the far off distance it seemed like, looked like two people in a distance by themselves above the beautiful buildings and mesmerizing colorful mountains in the shadows behind them, They appeared to be male dressed in stunning white loose clothing surprisingly I could feel their presence and love for all!  It was all so glorious and for lack of words heavenly! I could only Imagine! Heavenly, Yes this was Heaven or it seemed to me this is the place the place where I want to be with my Father and family to live in love, joy, acceptance and total Glory!
This is my Journey, My Dream come true, My answer to my prayers.
This is a” New Beginning” Not an End.
We are ALL on this Journey and the Journey to come.

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Shredded Pork Fajita

Spicy Yummy Pork Fajita


This is a really good dish and not a lot of fat so I can eat them and not feel guilty especially with the Flat-out Flatbread!  So here’s how you put it all together.

  • 3- Pounds of cooked pork, I used a lean pork roast and I slow cooked it the day before.
  • Shred the pork, and remove any fat or bone then place it back into a pan.
  • Add 3/4 pint jar of Salsa, I used Medium Chunky style. (Most the time I use my homemade Salsa)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of Garlic, plus a dash of salt and pepper
  • 1 Small onion chopped and 1/2 Green Pepper chopped


 cooked fajita meat


Mix the meat, salsa, peppers, onions, and garlic together in a large pan on stove to heat up.


Then I used the FlatBread as a shell to wrap it up with because they are high protein and only 90 calories plus it makes a good size Fajita! I slightly heat the FlatBread up in microwave then sprinkle some cheddar cheese on it first then add the meat mixture, about a 1/2 cup.



Then roll that puppy up!


                      There you have a Spicy Pork Fajita!

  Serve with a side salad and you have yourself a meal to brag about!   Healthy Living At Least Trying

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In It For The Long Haul!!

Are you about to give up?



I know you have ask yourselves this many a time!!  I know for a fact I have so many times I can’t count them!!   Basically Here, I’m talking about the “H” word HEALTH  however you want to put it healthy life, healthy eating, healthy living, healthy input, healthy exercise, healthy bowel movements!!   But for me It’s Healthy ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

If you have followed my previous post on my Health Journey you know by now I have had my ups and downs;  And If you have not read them I encourage you to do so just so you know I’m human!  We all are!!  (This post will be linked to the latter ones I spoke of).

Half of February and up till today I have been up and down on the scale some of it my fault and some not,  But I’m here to tell you I have  had many days thinking about just throwing in the towel and breaking the scale plus a few dishes!!  Its been a long road and I just didn’t think it would take this long!!!  I started almost a year ago, to be exact  in two weeks will be my  One year start date I have been at this diet, healthy eating, blah, blah,blah,  AND still not at goal !!!

Do I give up, throw in the towel, cry my eyes out and anything else I can think of!  ???Getting a Work Out in the Winter!


It took me 35 years to get unhealthy!!  So what makes me think I can do it in months!!!

What was I thinking??  What am  I thinking!!  Ok I understand that sorta!   It’s the American way “I want to it now”!!!  But In reality it’s not going to happen that quick when  I have more than 25 pounds to lose ;  But Hey that’s ok I have learnt a lot in the process and a lot about me!  I didn’t gain it overnight and I’m not going to lose it overnight!

Yes it would be so easy, a relief not to worry or think about food all the time, what to eat, what should I eat, how much to eat, etc.etc…..     Healthy Living At Least Trying

Number one;  I , me, you, we can’t keep thinking about that damn scale all the time that in its self, will drive you to depression or a BIG food party!!  It’s not always the scale or the numbers where we can see the rewards;  It can be many other things such as smaller cloths, feeling more energy, off medications and more, you get the idea.   So no lets not throw in the towel and yes we will have our ups and downs and victories  some on the scale, some off  the scale.   Maybe we do have a medical issue that at times it flares up and causes some weight gain and the next week it’s better, We just have to remember that and take it into consideration.   That is one of my issues I had  a bowel resection and I’m in constant battle with foods and constipation. (sorry for the bad visual) .  But some us have some kind of health issue that will get in the losing weight way time and again and that’s ok just don’t beat yourself up over it!  Your body will catch up.


So I guess what I’m saying is, This Healthy Journey is a “MIND SET”  It’s not just reading a diet book or a new trend  and saying,  “Hey I’m going to do this! ”   You have to get it set in your mind, and make a plan!   OR IT JUST BECOMES A WISH !!!

So NO we are not going to quit!  not now not ever!!  Living Healthy is not just a diet it is a way of life and once you reach your healthy goal you have to maintain it right??

RIGHT!  Think about it if you have turned your life around and now living healthy enjoying life, happier than ever, don’t you want to keep it that way??  Well I sure do !!!

Not saying you will never get to eat the foods you want to, you can just do it moderately and be accountable for it!  Maybe more exercise that week you know  your going out or for a special occasion.  Remember to drink your daily water, watch your sugar, up your exercise that’s all planning ahead!  Let me put this out right here I’m NOT a Dr, a Diet Guru or Specialist I’m just me sharing my thoughts and what I have been through and believe me its been tough but man It’s been worth it to feel the freedom and happiness in so many ways and so MY fight MY journey continues one day at time with a positive mindset!  At least for today right??  Right!  And you can too just never give up, never throw in the towel!!            Getting over the Hurdles














!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥


Garden Box
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Garden Boxes

Raised Garden Boxes

Are you tired of the back aches, sore knees, or have physical limitations, But love to garden and grow your own produce; I know I’m !  Well here’s a suggestion for you and a few tips to help you out and give you something to think about this coming gardening season!

Garden Box
Raised Garden Boxes

I approached this topic as the plan for my own garden this year due to poor quality of and lack of soil here on the river.  Our soil is mostly sand and very dry and hot no matter how much watering  it seems was never enough and a lot of  our plants either would not produce in quality or quantity !  So the plans soon is to make our own garden boxes and bring in new soil along with the added compost and such.

So the fastest way to get good deep fertile soil is to make the Raised Beds!  They can yield up to four times more than the same amount of space as in planted rows and  save you money and time!  I’m all for that!  Not to mention less back, knee and stress on the body!

The plants also grow closer together and crowd out the weeds therefore you spend less time and effort weeding plus it makes watering and harvesting efficient and easier.

Did you know that planting in a triangle will yield more?  I didn’t, So we need to pay attention how we arrange the plants AND by doing this you can fit 10-14% more plants in each bed!!  I’m for that!  Just don’t plant them too close to each other.

Weight yield is more important than the number of plants per square foot.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember or think ahead what it will grow into!

Small garden?  No problem, Grow up! go vertical hence Tomatoes, Pole Beans, Melons, can all be supported by fences, cages, or stakes, plus it saves time by going up it provides more air to circulate which means less Fungal Diseases!

Some great ideas for growing vertical are becoming more popular especially small yards, apartments and also for just the great looks!  You can hang a shoe organizer up from a rod and attach heavy hooks through top holes of shoe garment to hang on the rod and fill each pocket up to an inch with compost and plant  herbs, lettuce, flowers and such, the water will seep through the canvas material.  Also you can use pallet boards leaning up against the house or garage and pack with dirt to plant herbs .  I have see large plumbing tubes with drilled holes in them and attached together in shapes where plants are grown in the large holes drilled into them.  Check out Pinterest.com for some great resources and DIY ideas on vertical gardening.

Grow Vining crops along the sides of your beds, You could even place buckets or cement blocks along the sides of your boxes AND have extra plants!  I think I’m going with the cement blocks, and add some marigolds in a few boxes also!   Just use what you have or can find.

Another thing to think about before you plant in your cute boxes is to make sure you have compatible plants such as the “Three Sisters” Corn, beans, and squash.  The corn stocks support the beans and the squash grows on the ground shading out the weeds!  More compatibles include Tomatoes, basil and onions.

Use your transplants that already are a month or so old when you plant them and they will mature faster, plus the pride you have from seeding them yourself!

Remember no pressure treated wood is allowed to grow “Organic Food”  If you want to meet these high standards choose a different wood material.  The EPA recommends use naturally Rot-Resistant woods like Red Cedar, Black Locust or Red Wood.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know this or thought about it!

Check out some local lumber yards for Raised Garden Kits also if your not into building.



Raised Beds can also be used on a cement patio if you don’t have the yard space or want it closer to your house; keep in mind your plants need sun  at least 6 hours of sunlight a day to thrive,  Also Remember to block up one end of your box a little to allow for drainage if you chose this option.

farmers almanac     Another great source for planting, and  when to plant by the moon forecast and more.


You may ask ok what kind of soil do I use?  The best is Homemade soil blend of 50% Topsoil made of healthy loom, 50% compost which can be manure, animal manure or fish compost.

The best Premium soil is :

1/3. Peat Moss

1/3. Vermiculite

1/3. compost blend

I really like the idea of mulching the paths between the boxes it gives it a finished look and will keep the soil cooler, plus keep the weeds down! As you can see my Old Garden lacks any structure!   Lay a landscape cloth on your path and cover with 2-3 inches of mulch or sawdust, Also when laying the fabric down allow it come up 1′ against the bottom board of box and staple it in place.  The much will cover it.


One of the most important things to know is your plant zone which will tell you when you can plant according to each state.  Here is a USA Zone Map to help you decide.


.USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, 2012. Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Accessed from https://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov.

Now that you know when to start planting, Think ahead and start your own seedlings!

If you really want to start your own plants from seeds I think thats great!  And what better satisfaction than doing it all your self .  Here are some  Tid-Bits  from the ( Good Ol Farmers Almanac )  I read and  you might enjoy!

person holding green cactus on pot
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Try using some things you may have around the house instead of purchasing seedling trays such as, Toilet Paper roll,  Cut four slits in one end and fold in edge and fill with compost and your seeds plus you can plant the container and all!  It’s Biodegradable.

Ice Cream cones are also great to start seeds in as well as 1/2 of an egg shell and what about empty egg cartons the paper ones.

Do you live in the country or farm and bothered by deer eating in your garden?  You should  try this DIY Deer Repellent.  Mix 3 Tab hot sauce, 3 Tab minced garlic and 3 raw eggs, blend all together in blender and add to 1 gal of water and pour into spray bottle to spray your plants with and respray after a rain.  Insects are always a pest for gardeners and here is a few natural ideas without the chemicals!  Try planting Basil near your windows or doorways to repel flies and mosquitos, Plant some Dill near your tomatoes  to prevent tomato hook worms .( Oh speaking of that , Did you know a tomato hornworm (also known as a tobacco hornworm) is like a humming bird !  it grows into a type of humming bird moth!!  yup you heard me  they are brownish 2-2.5 inches with no beak just a long roll out tongue and sucks nectar from flowers just like a real hummingbird!! ) Go figure. That’s Sci-Fi for ya!   THAT I read in the Farmers Almanac!!

10 Fascinating Facts About The Hummingbird MothPinterest.com/moth

And what about those pesky weeds!  Try your own homemade weed killer, Mix 5 Tab of dish washing soap per 1 quart of water and add to a spray bottle to spray the plants with, Oh an it works great on Aphids too!  I use it every year!

Hopefully your plants are in the garden now or soon to be and you have all your garden tools, aprons, buckets or baskets to make things go smoothly and water nearby for your growing season!  Stay tuned and in a few months it will be time to talk about how we preserve all your garden harvest.

food salad healthy summer
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Well this is just a little information I gained while researching the Raised Garden Beds of how and why I chose to go this route and sharing a little information on how to get started with your own seeds or seedlings with  you.

Happy Gardening and stay green and dirty Gardners!

Old Garden
My Old Garden ! Of No More!

Soon to have my New Garden Boxes

  Happy Gardening All !




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Dried Herb

i love drying my herbs and flowers and use them in sachets, wax tarts and cooking.  Here is my dried Lavender that I used for my recent Scent Tarts.


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Great site for Herbs!

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Happy New Year All !!

Well It’s here another new year and a lot of contemplation and goals ahead for me and probably all of you!!   lol a new year seems to do that huh!

You may as well what changes are you making??    Well a few I would say and improve on the ones I set previously !

This year a few I will be working on and improving on are…

  1.  Continue to make and do more with my Natural Products for the home and others, And being more Self-Reliant.  Really focusing on all areas!!
  2.  Really get down to business with my healthy eating and excercise program ( I slipped at bit during the Christmas holiday)
  3. learn and do more dedication to my Blog and Bible reading
  4. Reach out more with community service and service to others
  5. More healthy recipes and post to blog
  6. Read at least 1 good book a month


I could go on; But too much is over whelming !!

I read on another Bloggers page to write our goals down and focus on what is important to us and I Totally agree!

Another good idea she spoke of was a Blessing Jar!  Check out her page.   http://Nancyonthehomefront.com




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All done !

My finished products with a new pattern for gals with pony tails or buns!

My Granddaughter Bridgette