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Not ALL bread is treated equal

Did you know?  All whole-wheat bread is brown, but not all brown bead is whole wheat.

By Law, bread that is labeled “whole-wheat” must be made from 100 percent whole-wheat flour.

Bread labeled “wheat” bread need not be made from whole-wheat flour and is likely made from mostly white flour.

Theirs something for you to chew on!!

Whole-grain breads are important for dietary fiber.  They also contain folate, magnesium and phosphorus in addition to the nutrients found in enriched white bread.

So what are whole Grains?   Well whole grains are products that contain the Entire kernel, or all the kernel that is edible.  Some examples are whole wheat, cracked wheat, oatmeal, whole cornmeal, popcorn, brown rice, whole rye, and scotch barley.

whole grain “doesn’t have to mean bread or cereal. It can be rice cakes, corn tortillas or taco shells,(yum), whole-wheat pasta, scotch barley in soups, or tabbouleh salad.

We should eat six-nine servings of grain a day!    Unless your a Keto- Eatter!

Well theirs a little food for thought!  Happy Grains to You!


Info /Resources:  University of Illinois EXTENSION; family nutrition programfullsizeoutput_40f2

Home made Whole-Wheat  Bread


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