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Did our Bodies survive the Holidays!?

Its been a while since I have been on here and I’m sorry to have let my readers down, But life and situations really got in the way!

As a new year starts and the thoughts and plans of new year resolutions it seemed fitting to start !  Wouldn’t you agree.  I still have been plugging along on my health journey but I will admit this Christmas season really was hard and I was pretty good until the end!  Then all hell broke loose along with my will power!  Man I already have been up and down for the past 3-4 months and really getting down over it.

I had reached the point where I almost gave up but then with the help of some family members and close friends I agreed I had come to far to quit!! and did I really want to buy new bigger cloths AGAIN…….NOT.  when  they became too big I gave them all away purposely so I wouldn’t gain back into them!  Does that make sense?

For different reasons some good some not I had almost quit my exercise routine totally but a few days a week if I was lucky!  Then I began getting stiff and sore  some joints didn’t want to move some bad pain setting in;  And then the big one!!  WEIGHT GAIN!!!

Yup you heard me I HAD GAINED WEIGHT!!  not one or two pounds but 8-10!!!  Holy Cow!!  yup this was it I was on a DOWNWARD SPIN BACK TO THE FAT ELF!!   Friends that scared me, I looked at that picture of me and thought what am I doing!!

Has this ever happened to any of you???  Do you remember how you felt?  What did you do??  Please tell me you pulled your big panties/briefs up and hit the road running again!!  Well I did just that and not many days ago!   Guilt, shame, embarrassed, a failure, you get the idea all these things above come rushing into your head and then the depression hits ya BAAMB!!    ok so now what!  well first I looked into my closet at the cloths and thought $$, I can’t do this again and toss all these nice cloths out for bigger ones!! no way man!!  Then I prayed for strength  ask my hubby to back me up,  by the way he was NOT for me quitting! and he could lose a few pounds himself  lol.

So we have to get a plan in place, prepare, prep, grocery shop etc. etc.  then the fun begins!  measure, track, and move!!!  Water, Water, Water!  And that ladies and gents is a tough one for me!  I’d rather have diet pop!  But I have been drinking flavored waters and that helps a lot, so hopefully it may help you!  just watch for sugar!  A definite no no!

Did I mention STRESS!   Well that was a big factor and still will be in my household!  Its called life and yes it will get in the way and blind your healthy site for sure!

With Momma, in the  nursing home with  problems and hubby with new health issues and appointments out of state its been pretty stressful;  and Im a stress eater!

News alert!  Working out is great for stress and weight loss;  It is for me at least!  at my lowest weight I was working out 5-6 days a week and drinking water!  toned, trim, and energy to boot!  And that’s folks is where my goal is today!  more water, workouts and healthy eating.  Sound good?  Sound hard?  Sound Impossible?  Is she for real?

YES, YES, AND YES!!! (no for not impossible). If you have the will you will find the way!

That is it for me now, and I wish you all the best of luck and healthy living this year!!  You can do it… you got this… never give up…..YOU give me strength to keep going!!!

ROCK ON!!!♥♥♥Healthy Living At Least Trying



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