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Reusable Non-Paper Towels

Save money, Less Waste and Prettier!

Are you tired of wasting money on paper towels that you keep throwing away and buying again time after time! I’m ; I could use the money on fun craft items!

It’s been on my mind for about a year now and recently visiting some awesome fabric shops with my friends I found some really cool fabric for my paperless reusable Towels!! And it’s so easy to do!

Here is what you need.

. Cotton or cotton blend fabric for top

.Terry material or cotton fleece

. Thread, straight Pins, Sewing Machine, and some music to sew by!

I cut squares of 13×13 of too fabric and bottom fabric.

Pin together with right sides together. See around edge leaving an opening to turn, then sew all around the edge and sew an X across the middle of both sides.

I’ll be folding mine and putting in a cute wire basket with a bow next to my sink!!

That’s it’s! Eazy Peazzy!!

Make themes, Gifts, and Napkins too!! That’s my next project!!

Just some more natural ideas on this “Ol Urban Homestead ”

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