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Make A Plan

Well it’s been a while since I been on here and it’s been a busy time here on the homestead!

So busy that I’ve not been to the gym lately but I have been working outside a lot and using my workout machine so it’s not all bad!

How about you? What’s your plan? Do you slow down come summer or quit the gym and workout at home? I think its good either way as long as you don’t quit totally!! I also have some weights sitting near my chair to remind me to get lifting!! It’s been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs and that’s normal we all are going to have weeks with a gain ! We just have to shake it off and start new the next day believe me I know how easy it would be to just say who cares anymore I messed up so why try anyway!! Been there done that!

Gain 2 pounds, lose 3 and sometimes plateau for a month!! That was hard on me knowing I have only 30 pounds to go and man it’s been the hardest! But I’m NOT giving up I think about it this way ; where was a I a year ago? A lot lighter ! Well there you go so why throw in the towel when you have come this far and done so good ! See what I mean , Look at it from where you were and then where you would like to be!!

Have a plan make a strategy like what will you do when you have a gain ? What’s your plan? Write it down then go back to it when you need it. And you will need it , We all do!!

So pull up those big girl or guy pants and hang in there you come to far Baby!!

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Soggy Plants and Muddy Pants

Spring finally came but so did storms and too much rain!

Spring a time to plan and plant, watch your flowers bloom and start thinking about gardening along with what you want to plant for your fall harvest.

Thinking Spring Thing Fall also

First spring here in Illinois began with the new raised garden beds, new soil and new plants and seedlings but Mother Nature didn’t want to let go of winter and and had cool days and night and THEN came the rains and I mean down pours day after day!! At that point the seed had surfaced and little green plants growing well searching for the sun! All was going good until the second round of rains and more flooding ! My boxes were drenched for days yes they drained but slowly because the rain never stopped!! Flooding all around us as we live on the Mississippi and she has reminded us since May 1st that she is mightier than us!!

Road closings, Levees being built and reinforced. Now my plants are soggy and some droopy, But the weeds are still growing! Imagine that!! So out I go gloves,boots,tools, hat and spray for the Gnats are swarming every where!! So I pull the weed while I slap at the gnats while slinging mud on my face plus I’m getting bites everywhere!! So I don’t finish that day and slowly and sadly walk back to house muddy pants , muddy face and all and pray for sun the next day. So what do we do in this situation ?

Give up! NO! Can’t do that so much has been invested to grow and harvest your food ( and I think of the farmers not able to get their crops planted also). Word is already out that food prices will be going up due to all the crops not getting planted in the Midwest!

I held some seedlings back to plant later and letting them harden a while but it’s soon time to plant them also.

Change of plans had a sunny afternoon so I planted those puppies!! Next week we have 6 days of rain coming too! We have to keep trying and not give in so I will be planting some of my starts in containers that I can move around and get out of the rain so they are not drenched and hope for the best!

Another option would be if all else fails due to rain and storms would be stocking up on Dehydrated veggies and herbs from food storage type stores to to add to your pantry. We can’t plant meat but we can raise our own if possible or purchase from a non GMO farmer or meat market then freeze or can the meat! I have canned turkey with carrots and was delish!! Plus it’s handy to open and dump and heat to eat!

First Flooding

The garden after first storms

Now at the time of this writing the plants have grown little and all is soggy and muddy and their are no bottoms in the boxes just landscape fabric maybe that was my problem! But this is an unusually rainy season!

on a good note I made some garden markers out of old silverware for the garden plants!

I painted them then sealed with a spray glaze and put them in appropriate places! Not bad

So all is done but a few garden plants so now weed and pray!

Chickens are growing and doing fine despite the gnats!

All is busy but rewarding at YellowBanks Urban Homestead­čî╗