Craziest Spring Ever

Most of us think about spring showers in April then the May flowers. Well it  didn’t start that way here on The Mississippi!!

Rain, cold and periods of snow oh and I almost forgot the Flooding! Levees being built and more rain and cool, so no planting here, this was early March through April.

Now with all this rain we will be right back where the flooding started by two weeks!

This is a picture of where my son works here on the edge of town and has to boat to work daily and this has been for over a month so far!  Its just starting to go down now but we shall see after all the rain the coming weeks they predict!


Then a break as the waters subsided but the cooler temperatures stuck around. I was so anxious to plant seeds I did anyway and failed! So tried again a few weeks later and now early May I have produce coming up! Sugar snap Peas, green beans, carrots, radishes, Potatoes, Cauliflower and bought some Heirloom plants and planted yesterday also!

Today I managed to plant two rows of green beans in between the rain and still waiting for my seedling plants to harden off, Their not quite ready yet but will be exciting to plant my first raised from seed plants of tomatoes and jalapeño pepper plants!

Garden Boxes


Thanks to Mary’s Heirloom Seeds!

I’ve never had such a busy spring and excitement!!  Preparing the coop for new chicks, designing the new garden and all the fencing and decorations;  A girl still has to decorate outside even!  Planting flowers in pots for color and to help with insects so I planted the marigolds in the pots for that reason along with the bright colors!


Seeds and Seedlings

So finally Spring has Sprung like a Lion as storms and rain continues in between the rain you’ll find me out there with nature and my Ladies ! On my simple living, urban, natural way of life, self sufficient just living like I Love to. 🌱🐥🌻

8 thoughts on “Craziest Spring Ever”

  1. This spring has been really crazy with all the flooding and rain…I sure hope it ends soon! Thanks so much for sharing your homesteading story with us on Farm Fresh Tuesdays! The hop is open and ready for your awesome posts this week 🙂


  2. It’s been the same here in Missouri, but I suppose that’s life in the Ozarks! I’m originally from California and while I got used to ice storms and hurricanes in NC, I sure don’t like tornadoes. Fog is about my speed.


    1. Wow we’re about 3.5 hrs away from ya! Today the sun is out and blue sky’s!! Thank the Lord!! We’re back up to first flood stage. U guys had a a lot of tornado activity! We had warnings last night! Thanks again!!! Come back 😉


  3. I get you, Pam! We didn’t have nearly as much rain as you, but we’ve had more than usual, which pushed my gardening season back significantly. I love your garden setup, it’s so cute!


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