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Keep Fighting The Fight

Staying Strong In Your Journey

Don’t throw in the towel! Don’t give in! Believe me I know its tough and their WILL be road blocks and bumps to sway you off course , But you have to stay the course shake it off and move on. You want to reach your goal right? Right! Me too! And I have had plenty of obstacles making my journey rough and rocky! Heck we all have! Food is the necessary evil and it’s everywhere!! The good , The bad and The ugly!! We as humans have to have it to survive BUT its what we have that will sustain and maintain our health, like the right choices, amounts and the ways it is prepared! We’re getting complicated now huh! Yup how our food is prepared can make or break our healthy choices.

For instance

Added Oils, sugar, butter, nuts, shortening, and many more!

This all will make you slip right off your health journey!

I’m not saying their all bad, but we have to plan them in moderation when we do! And eating out can be a night mare for healthy food choices!! How do we know what they add to prepare or addition to! I do know some sit down restaurants will omit oils and such if you ask them too or bring them on the side for you to distribute. Just plan your eating out wisely and ahead of time to do the best you can.

Another warning is the drinks and desserts!! Of course water is the best and safest option and then unsweetened drinks and no wine is sweet! Sorry but like I said you can plan for it! Nothing is ever forbidden if you work and plan for it. One other obstacle that may be rough for you is the company you eat with such as spouse, partner, family, friends, and coworkers! Yup you heard me right! It’s not that they don’t care or love you it’s just they forget , don’t know or that they DO Love you! Crazy huh!

Think about it didn’t a grandma always cook you a scrumptious meal and dessert to show her love for you?! See where I’m coming from? Then theirs some who want to test you or see you fail they either don’t care or want the old fun you to eat everything so they don’t feel guilty or intimidated !!! It happens man!!

Aww come on just this time!!

Well little do they understand that this just one time may just be enough for you to give in AND give up!! Also maybe they need to get healthy and won’t and don’t want you to either!! That’s happened to me a lot! Misery loves company!!

Sometimes we just may have to bite the bullet and BS and just tell them how you feel (nicely) and ask for their support in your health journey, especially if your like me and have done this healthy eating thing millions of times! Let them know your serious and would appreciate their support! It’s your life not theirs and if they love you and want you around then they will get it, and maybe it will be a wake up call for them too!

It was that way for my hubby and some family members. Be strong and fight for what you want!💪

So don’t ,I say DON’T ! throw in the towel!!

You are worth it and anything worth it is worth fighting for!!

Ok so what do we do in a weak moment or times when you DO feel like giving up for any reasons? Birds of a feather stick together!! Right? Right!!

It’s time to re-evaluate your course have you been on cruise control and too comfortable? Well let’s shake this show up!!

Time to tweek your plan, food shopping, your goals, and your Honesty!! How? you might say.

Well it’s a health journey right and you want to stay strong right? well let’s make a plan a mini goal you might say .

Write down the foods you know that you can have or want that will help you reach your goal. (diet) hate that word! But you get that!

Get rid of all trigger or unhealthy foods! Like cookies, candy, anything that triggers you ! You know like the M&Ms where you can’t eat a serving of 6 But eat the whole damn bag!! That’s a trigger food my friend! Mine is those darn frosted soft sugar cookies!!

Inform your significant other and family of your intentions to get healthy and would appreciate their support! Just do it you will feel better and not have to explain your decision constantly !

Go Shopping for your healthy foods!! This is the fun part! You’ve wrote them down now go out and get’em but stick to your list and please don’t go hungry, eat before you grocery shop!

Now if your anything like me once you get home , If your hubby or whoever, is like mine and isn’t on a healthy journey or not as strong as you please keep Your food in a different cupboard! Like your crackers , salad dressing, ketchup , low cal snacks etc because when they get hungry man they WILL eat it!! Of course you both need fresh fruit and veggies and I-either make my own wheat bread or buy light breads oh and I will tell you I did not give up my butter! I refuse to eat that plastic margarine!! Yuk! I just eat a serving unlike in past times 1-2 Tablespoons of it!

I also read and get ideas for recipes on line like healthy girl, WW and health magazines all have good ideas. I include all the food plan choices , meat, veggies, fruits, healthy oils and carbs but I choose to eat those in moderation they tend to bloat me bad! AND Water,Water ,Water! Fruit juices have sugar and or fructose! Pop I rarely do and feel better for it, I prefer ice tea, and occasionally crystal light, and love my flavored waters!! Crystal Ice! All SF also.

I mentioned earlier I plan on times when I want to eat out or have a special treat like a piece of BD cake, Anniversary, things like that! What I do is really watch what I eat the day before and do a few more exercises or longer walk the day before, of and after, I try to work out daily anyway so what’s a little longer! If not daily at least 3-4 days a week! Honestly in the summer if I’m working in the yard hot and heavy and a lot of steps in,then I will not workout, I feel I already got it man!! Little hint I love wearing the i watch and fit bands to help you track your activity. (check this link out lastly for more info and recipes)

Healthy Living At Least Trying

So what are you thinking? You got this! Don’t throw in the towel ! It’s not easy but not hard if you have a plan and some support, sure you will have rough days and rocky road heck we all do BUT stop and think about it don’t you want to meet your goal, lose weight, get stronger, live longer, maybe get off medications, Insulin, new cloths and not to mention Energy!! You get it?? Theirs more reason to do it than not to do it!!! Do it for YOU!! That’s the key folks not him , her, parents, kids, But YOU!! YOU Matter! YOUR HEALTH MATTERS!!

This was my reason! My health and not being able to walk much or do many activities.

My before and So Far!

I have not reached my goal yet for I have 30-35# to go and this last bit of weight has been the toughest for me ! But I’m not giving up I will continue to fight this fight till the end💪














10 thoughts on “Keep Fighting The Fight”

  1. Congrats! Your post is FEATURED for MOST CLICKS at the #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty 38! Party open now!


  2. Diet is a four letter word. lol I know we have all heard this before. I think the trick is finding what works for you. I know folks who have done very well on Weight Watchers but when you tell me I get unlimited anything I am in trouble. I follow a low-carb diet and do very well with it. Now getting some motion in my life is a whole different matter.


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