Spring Time and New Chicks Hatching

My first little chick hatched today! Are we ready?

A cute little black one with more hatching over the next several days. Can I say I’m excite and a little nervous YES!

So much to do and get ready feed, water, bedding, heat lamp, and container to house them in until their ready to go outside to coop. Do you have baby chicks?

It’s my first time on this Urban Homestead so I have done a lot of reading and studying to prepare myself and hope that will guide me down the chicken path with success!

I first introduced the chick to water several time but the chick did not drink so I will keep working on that every hour or so don’t want the little guy to dehydrate! The baby seems warm and comfortable for now so until next time and next chick we’ll keep clucking on!

So You Want To Be A Chicken Moma

4 thoughts on “Spring Time and New Chicks Hatching”

    1. Candy hatched it for me plus theirs still a ton not hatched. We’re crossing our fingers ! If not by Thursday I purchase some Thanks Annie. Lol I feel like a little excited farm girl🤪


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