Spring has Sprung

What a beautiful day today!! Getting all pumped up for the planting to begin and a lot of yard projects!!

What plans do you all have?

Putting finishing touches on chicken coop and waiting for the fence to come and be put up plus my friend is giving me some nice netting to put over the run area for we have hawks that like to come here and kill my birdies!! Man that ticks me off!! You definitely don’t want predators getting those or your chickens!

Now the garden beds are up and filled with dirt plus I also made some drain pipes for easier watering and to get it deeper in the soil for a better root system, I have to admit for years Hubby would put the sprinkler out and then later I’d go behind him and water with the hose! Lol well it wasn’t enough and then the leaves stayed all soggy.

Moving on to drainage pipes

garden beds

I also made a Herb Bed closer to house(kitchen herb garden) and planted seeds in it today with one more area yet for cilantro.

I divided the bed into 4 sections as to not over crowd the plants.

I lined the bed with garden fabric and mixed some planting soil and organic fertilizer in the dirt prior to planting so I’m a happy Gardner today!

Have y’all planted or started your Herbs?

Now onto filling some large pots for flowers and more herbs then some crafting decor for the back porch! Then I’m done for today!

I’m not 30,40,or 50!!! 😜🌱

Have a happy gardening day or whatever your doing!

Seeds and Seedlings


25 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung”

    1. That’s Awesome!! Theirs so many ways to plant if you don’t have the space or yard . I did a herbal garden box near the back door . Now if it would warm up and quit raining!! Flooding here!
      Happy Planting🌱


  1. We’re busy as all get out on our homestead, with not only the garden but with the new broilers we go it, our egg ladies and the bees.
    May 15th, we’re putting in our postage stamp orchard so that’ll be fun:)


  2. I live in England so I hardly ever have to water! I have given my lawn its first cut and may have to tackle the hedge soon. I am hoping my husband or son will volunteer for that. We have a fox who visits every morning so I don’t think we could have chickens.


    1. How neat! I bet it’s beautiful! Nope a fox and chickens would not mix for sure. We have hawks here so I have to put a net up, they even come a kill my birdies now and then!
      We’ll have spring and talk again!! Thanks for visiting


  3. Love this! Spring is such a happy time of year. My flowers are just peeking out of the snow, and I’m getting antsy to start the garden. Sounds like you have a great start already! I’m a but jealous. Ha ha!


    1. Thank You Clearissa! Take advantage of the rest period! But I know how you feel a lot of the coastal people have blooms already etc, hang in there girl!😉


  4. Looks like you’re getting a lot of work done! Behind on planting anything here. Wish I had your energy!! Shared x 3 ♥


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