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One Goal At A Time

Spring is finally here in Yellow Banks a long with nearby flooding, But that’s normal living on the Mississippi! While 6 blocks alway on my Urban Homestead the plans begin for cleanup, prepping for gardens and new chicken Coop along with all the flower beds! I love love beautifying the yard and being outside .

Well the three garden boxes are finished along with one that was salvaged from the river with all the flooding ( you can’t believe what you find floating down stream)! Finders keepers is the flood river rule😉. Anyway the salvaged boards are 2×8 and I cleaned them up a bit and hubby put them together for me. I used Linseed Oil on all my boxes to protect the wood and two are in the garden patch then the salvaged one comes out tommrow! Now the big plan is the Soil and it’s a must here with all the sand we have in our area.

I love the idea of raised garden boxes for myself and always wanted to so this was the year!

It sure will help on the back and have a lot more nutrients for my plants to thrive, for they haven’t done well in years!

The coop well that’s another new goal this year we revamped a little shed into a coop and he sure looks good with plenty of room. Still have to do some touch ups and fencing for the chickens safety and their run but looking forward to this new adventure with chickens 🐓

If your interested in learning more about garden boxes check out my link! Garden Boxes

Well Gota go more work and I will add more as the progress continues!

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