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Hows The Work Outs Going?

Hopefully your still at it!  Are you getting bored?  Hows your routine doing?

Well you might say something like this “I’m bored with it, I’m tired of doing the same things or I can’t just get into it like I was”.  These are all familiar statements when we work out and a-lot of reasons why we QUIT!   But we can’t have that!  So let’s talk about it see what we come up with and I’ll give you some tips and things that helped me.

Is your energy low? Just Dog Gone Tired or  feeling down and just want to stay home and sit on your butt?


I hear ya!  I’ve been there done that several times and IT DID NOT HELP ME!   It put me in a bad place of feeling like a  failure or defeated and ,  I  just gave up!

Listen we are not going to QUIT!   REPEAT NOT QUITTING!!!  So then How do we get our mojo going??  Well one thing that worked for me was a Buddy System, finding someone who will work out with you at least several times a week, or maybe if you live long distance from them set up phone call times to support each other and talk about how the day went, what kind of workout you did, maybe you tried a new work out or machine, what you ate or plan on eating for dinner etc.

I still do this today!!  I have a cousin and one of us call daily to report to each other and  pump each other up we maybe share some healthy recipes,  Hey we have bad days but we don’t give up!  Tomorrow is another day and just get back to it!!

Maybe you like to work in a group setting or meeting new people like a gym or yoga class or maybe a hiking or walking club and don’t forget Zumba!  That will shake things up!

Spring and Summer are coming how about joining a sports league like baseball, or soccer.  Something I like to do is listen to an audio book while I work out and I actually look forward to the workout because the book keeps me coming back to exercise and the book pulls me in if that makes sense.   Speaking of Spring to get more steps and workouts on my own I worked in the garden this past week, I helped revamp a shed to my chicken coop, raked and cleared out garden area and built raised wood boxes anything to keep moving and burning some calories!   Do you have a fit bit or I watch that can track your movements/steps?  Some even have workouts you can pick and reminders to get up and move!  Not from couch to fridge, But move and walk around a few min!  A few years ago I bought one of those BIG bouncy balls you sit on and etc, Well I sat on it and bounced my butt around while watching tv and at the same time to arm workouts!  Needless to say I fell backwards and hit my head on the floor!!  OUCH!!  Do I still recommend it?  Heck Yes!  It was fun and changed things up a bit (and my head) lol.

Not sure I ever mentioned this, but I’m not a young chick!!  But Dang I’m not dead either so If I can do this stuff so can you!!  I have faith in You!

Something cool I like to do to get me pumped up or in the grove is to go buy new workout cloths!  But be careful, Its addicting man!   I also like to check out the workout equipment and weights not that I can afford it all but I also keep my eyes open on the for sale pages you see on-line or garage sales!  That where I purchased my first exercise bike!  The options are out there we just sometimes have to think outside the box and see things in a different perspective.

This is my all time favorite machine and If I had the room I would get one for home!


    My Favorite Workout Machine for my arms, shoulders and gut!

If you’re a gardener like me I love walking around the town and checking out their gardens and flowers, I also love walking in the woods or forest, I’m a nature kinda girl I love my trees and birds.  I guarantee it will clear your mind and give you a sense of renewal and energy!


Think about someone who could help you out and support you in your activities toward your workout goals, someone who would help you get out and move more.  Write your goal down and what activity you’re going to do AND how you are going to accomplish it!  Don’t write a whole bunch of goals be specific and take it one step at a time.

Your Buddy plan:

One Strategy you can try this month:

Who will join you:

One step: I will do this week:


Now go find your buddy!  Be it a physical person  beside you or a phone buddy!  It makes it fun and you can help each other with accountability  and new ideas!!   Try something new and get out in nature!!   You got this!!!  I’m right beside you all the way!!






















17 thoughts on “Hows The Work Outs Going?”

  1. Congrats! Your post is FEATURED at the #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty 37! Party starts tonight, Wed, May-1-2019 at 9:00 PM CST.


  2. Pamela, I love this post! Working out is a must, and you’ve given some great tips here on how to get it done. The photo of your favorite machine reminded me that we have something similar. Of course, there was no room in the house for it, but we turned our garage into a gym. We’ve had it for several years and use it every day.


    1. Thanks Jean! I don’t have room either so I go to our local HD and it’s free! I do have my Gizzell (sp) for days I don’t want to get out. Thanks for the support and kind words!💕💪


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