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What’s With All The Colors?

Color Your Landscapes

Did you ever think where all the many colors come from or how they come about?

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Especially in nature and the many things that surround us!

There are 7 Primary colors in a rainbow the 7 colors of the rainbow such as Red, Orange, Yellow, green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. In school we learn that there are Three Primary colors that combine to make secondary colors such as orange, green and purple plus some black and white. In the light we see colors as blue, red and green colors. The color theory is truly complicated so I won’t go into it any further, Plus some of it is beyond me!

So what about the colors we see in everyday life, all around us we are surrounded in color and we have become so accustomed to it we really don’t think about it, But when spring hits Mother Nature and all the trees, plants, flowers and bright colored birds appear it truly is a sight to behold!

Brightly Colored Flowers

You wake up on a bright summer morning and see all the colored flowers and nature surround you how do you feel? Think about it, How does it affect you mood, your thoughts, or your surrounding. Colors are important to identify and recognition also.

We have warm colors and cool colors and each of them can create different emotions or feeling. Colors make us feel happy or sad, relaxed or stressed and some colors can make us feel hungry such as a bright red strawberry!

Warm colors such as Red, Orange and Yellow are all next to each other on the color wheel and all of them are warm. Warm colors can give us feelings of happiness, and energy. Red is the warmest and it can trigger opposing emotions and is frequently associated with love and anger or danger. It can even increase your heart rate and gets you exctied ! If you want to draw attention to an object, use Red. Think about some of the fast food chains, You see a lot of red and yellow with them to draw your attention! Use it moderately, It is over whelming.


Orange, It enhances happiness and also draws attention, Its eye appealing and friendly.

Yellow, Is the energetic one! think of the Sun, warm, sunny and gives hope.

Green, We think about new starts, health and wealth. It’s easy and relaxes us, Think of a new spring day and green grass finally with maybe some starts of plants or flowers, It relaxes us and balances all the other colors around us.


Blue, makes us think of spirituality, calming and it causes the body to create chemicals that are calming also. It is one of the favored colors! Think of all the jeans, jackets and such denim shirts, uniforms, The darker blues gives a feeling of being professional. Lighter blues are more relaxing and friendly. Think about the blue sky, advertising, internet and such, What colors do they use?

Purple, Has always been associated with royalty and wealth. It is calming and inticing. Walk down a few store isles and see how they use some colors especially in the women’s and cosmetic departments, Think of cologne bottles.


So these are a few color Tid-Bits to think about and myself I think more of them in my gardens and landscaping especially this time of year. With the green as my canvas and now its time to play with colors and evoke some good feeling for all to enjoy!

So get out plan your gardens, flower beds and think of what colors you will use and for what reasons. God gave us all these beautiful colors to create our own pallets ! Go forth and beautifi your Homesteads!

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Healthy Oatmeal Muffins

Homemade Healthy Muffins

WW Oatmeal Muffins

ONE POINT this makes 12 muffins….. Just plain Healthier!

4 packages of sugarfree oatmeal (got mine at Walmart)

4 eggs

Four 4 oz containers of Unsweetened applesauce

4 teaspoons of cinnamon

Mix all together and bake at 350° for 20 minutes….

Sometimes I add a 1/2 cup dried cranberries the one with 50% less sugar for an extra point if your counting.

Sugar Free Chocolate Muffins with a SF Chocolate Cake Mix


Homemade but easy way!

1 Sugar Free Chocolate Cake mix (I get at Walmart).

1-reg size can Pumpkin Puree


1/2 cup dried cranberries 50% SF

1/4 tsp baking powder

Add nuts if you like

Mix well

Makes 12 large

Bake at 350 degree for 17-19 min.

I have added dried fruits, slivered Almonds, Walnuts etc.

Just have fun and enjoy!

SF Chocolate Muffins

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It’s a Full Moon Time to Transplant

Seedlings are ready to transplant and It’s also a full Moon perfect timing!

My Tomato and Pepper Seedlings are ready now to transplant to bigger containers and wouldn’t you know it the April Full Moon! Pink Full Moon they call it, And no the moon won’t be pink . It was given that name by the native tribes because of the spring pink flowers that spread on the ground. Pretty cool huh!

I will say it pays to buy Heirloom seeds and non-GMO for this is the first time my seedlings have ever survived! Happy Camper here I might add.

I used a starting potting mix and potting cups and they look good this evening.

Hopefully in a couple weeks I can harden them off and get them ready to plant in garden! Have you planted your gardens yet? These above are Jalapeño peppers and Tomato plants both Heirloom plants.

I’m hoping for a good harvest this year with the new plant boxes and more energy(losing weight helped me there)! Plus I love gardening and planting new Perennials on my trails and small flower beds.

I plant mainlyPerennials because one they last longer and two I don’t have to replant every year! One of my favorites are Lavender and Echinacea (cone flower). Both of these plant are hardy in my area and so beautiful when in bloom not to mention they both have medicinal qualities also! I like to dry my Lavender and use the wonderful smelling buds for soap, lotions and sachets, the lotion is very relaxing just before bed ,heck I have even sprinkled some on our sheets and pillows at night! The cone flower I dry for tea especially during cold and flu season it’s a great Immune booster!

Cone Flower


I planted some seedings of Heirloom seeds only a third came up and holding their own still small so time will tell.

What grows in your garden?

Experiment and have fun with Mother Nature and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Happy Gardening🌱🌻

Get Ready to Garden Tips


Spring Time and New Chicks Hatching

My first little chick hatched today! Are we ready?

A cute little black one with more hatching over the next several days. Can I say I’m excite and a little nervous YES!

So much to do and get ready feed, water, bedding, heat lamp, and container to house them in until their ready to go outside to coop. Do you have baby chicks?

It’s my first time on this Urban Homestead so I have done a lot of reading and studying to prepare myself and hope that will guide me down the chicken path with success!

I first introduced the chick to water several time but the chick did not drink so I will keep working on that every hour or so don’t want the little guy to dehydrate! The baby seems warm and comfortable for now so until next time and next chick we’ll keep clucking on!

So You Want To Be A Chicken Moma

Healthy Living

I Love Me!

Do you value yourself?

So how would you describe your self-esteem right now?  Low? High? Or somewhere in between?!!

What is Self- Esteem?  It is how a person describes themselves a belief that he or she deserves to be happy and can handle everyday life.  TO LOVE THEMSELVES!

Does it have anything to do with the number on the scale?? NO!  BUT I will tell you we sometimes believe that our self-worth and our weight go hand in hand,  I DID!!

greyscale photography of woman wearing long sleeved top
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WE have to value our self-worth no matter what our weight!  and I know that’s tough for I fought it all my life and the prejudices of other people.    We have to separate weight and self-esteem and I know it can be hard for some but we have to have this super woman or man esteem to get through this health journey and our life plans or we will become stagnant and give up and I won’t have that!!  It will keep us going during the hard challenges we face and make us more likely to pursue our goals.

I don’t know about you but it gave me the self-confidence to keep going to keep fighting the fat bulge  and not worry about what others thought or worse to compare myself with others!   Think about it when we are feeling healthy and confident in our skin we treat ourselves better, we are happier, we make better choices.  We have a better body image of ourselves which will boost us to work harder and lose more weight!  I have been there done that!    How do you feel when you made a bad choice? doomed, down, want to give up, give in?  You start to think you’re not worth it right?   Do you see how the cycle goes??  It can be vicious!!  We must stop it right now right here and at that very moment! Don’t give up,  ok you made a bad choice, deal with it!  Tomorrow is another day and a new beginning.  Hey were all human and  snickers happen man!!

Being healthy and on a weight loss journey is not punishment!  Its taking control of your life, your choices along with your thoughts and beliefs !

When I was younger with four kids at home and being a stay at home mom while hubby worked It seemed like all I got done was change diapers, clean, and COOK!!  What’s the big deal you say?  Well with a family of six back in the day we ate a lot of carbs, we couldn’t afford all the healthy food, only if the garden produced well and on occasions.   So the weight keep piling on  c-section after c-section (4) to be exact! The old fashion way too!  You know mommies can get stressed too and what did I do?  Comfort eating!! Yup stress/food, sad/food, lonely/food, angry/food,  See the pattern their!  Another cycle started which lead to more weight, low self-esteem and low self-worth.  You know as I sit here now writing this out I’m thinking why didn’t I see this then???   Did I miss the boat? Or what!!    Its simple take away the self judgement and criticism and replace it with kindness and compassion!  Boost that Self-Esteem  see yourself as a friend or a relative would, with appreciation, love and acceptance.

Do you have a person or relative that really cares about you?  I’m sure you do.

Well think about that person for a minute,  What do they look like?  what color are their eyes, Whats their personality?

What makes that person special to you?  How does it feel thinking about them?  Are they happy, loving, what does their voice sound like?

three woman standing on the ground
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Now imagine that YOUR THAT PERSON!   See yourself through their eyes,  What do they notice about yourself?  Now shift your perspective.  Now those thoughts and feelings are things you like about yourself!!  Write it down if it helps,  keep it for a booster!!   Take one day a week and do this excercise and practice seeing yourself through a loved one’s eyes.

Self – Esteem is not about changing what you look like or what you do, It’s about changing your attitude about yourself and your worth!


STINKING THINKING                                                                        

I can’t really feel happy till I lose this weight.


I can feel happy no matter my weight, yes I’d like to lose and get healthy, but my weight does not define me,  I like who I am.

  Stinking Thinking : Theirs no way I am going to stand up and give a talk at school

Positive Thinking:    I love to entertain and speak to people,  the scale shouldn’t hold me back,  Everyone will be watching me and admiring my voice and humor.

You get the point?  We as humans can be so hard on us and beat ourselves down constantly!  I did it for years!  It’s time for a reality check man!!  Do you not love your relative any less or best friend if they don’t live a healthy life style?  Of course not!  I had a fluffy Grandma and never thought nothing of it, she was loving, my role model and full of spunk and confidence.

Good Advice

Be an Inspiration to others and to your selves!  Being a part of a health group where we all are working on our healthy life style,  I have never seen a bunch of loving, caring, supportive men and women helping each other plus never looking down on each other!  Only love and support.  It made me think about how I felt about myself, my worth and my confidence!  I sat in the back corner for months watching and listening to praises, support, ideas, clapping and cheering each other on and suddenly I felt different!  I felt comfortable in my skin, I felt a part of something, something BIG!!  SOMETHING MEANT FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!  Confidence, Love of  Self, Acceptance and ready to meet a challenge !!  I had new confidence in myself and my ability to be a healthier me!! I was ready to take on the more active life, make more healthy choices and except a slip up now and then and pick myself up and keep on trucking on!!





















So You Want To Be A Chicken Moma

Are you ready? Have your supplies? Did you study up?


New Chicken Fence Gait

Theirs a lot to think about when it come to chickens , Believe me I’m learning fast!

I’m that new chicken mom readying , reading and asking a lot of questions!

First of all decide where are you getting your chicks? Ordering chicks, hatching some yourself or getting older chickens.

Then where are they going to live? Do you have a coop already or are you building one or buying a kit OR Revamping one ?


The Coop Is Done

So now we have to decide what kind of chickens we want ; Laying Hens or Meat chickens, But for me it’s going to be Laying Hens plus they are a good first animal for your new homestead and if you’re an Urban Homesteader that’s about all you can have!

Things to buy before you have those babies are a must and if your new to this adventure as I’m then I will tell you it’s a whole different world unlike dogs, Cats, and such! I’ve never seen so much Chicken stuff in my life! I was in heaven! food, toys, water- containers , feeders, vitamins, worm meal, aprons, boots, signs and much more! Chickens have become a big Trend! Makes me wonder what animal is next? But that’s ok with me I Love animals and I would have more on this urban homestead if I could!

Did you know chickens are attracted to red and when their peeps the red feeders and water containers great for the little ones and don’t forget to show a few how to drink by sticking their beaks into the water bowl and the rest will follow.

It’s a good idea to purchase some electrolytes to add in their water if you notice their getting sick or preventive care my friend has some good info for that!

Don’t forget their feed starting out , they need Chick feed with the vitamins and Antibiotics this will help give them a good start in life. Now you can’t let the babies loose yet you have to keep them in a warm safe environment until their old enough to be out in the coop on their own, So think of them as toddlers and watch over those peeps and protect them! After all your their mommy now!

That brings us to a container and heat lamp for warmth and containment. Some use totes, wood boxes, empty swimming pools but just remember keep them safe and where you can check on them frequently!


Oh and they do pee and poop so you will want to put some straw, shaved wood chips or such in the bottom of their containers plus it will add to their warmth. You will have to change it occasionally but you got this! After all you’re the mom the head clucker of the coop! Speaking of poop theirs this thing they may get that’s called “Pastey Butt” on their little rectum that gets crusty like with poop and you will need to wash it off gently or they can’t 💩 another mom job!

It’s a good idea to also purchase chicken powder for lice and such to have on hand along with bedding, feed, scratch and some grit. A big must is to protect them from predators with fencing and netting plus around the coop where smaller predators can dig under if your coop sits on the ground or low to ground a good idea is put metal up against the coop or chicken wire.

So what kind of chickens do you want?? With over 200 varieties theirs a lot to think about huh!

You Should include your climate, egg production, and breed temperaments. You can combine all breeds they will eventually establish a pecking order.

Did you know Hens can produce eggs without a Rooster?? You only need a Rooster if your hatching your own eggs!

Daily Cares:

Check their water and clean /refill as needed: Keep it clean a lot of straw, poop and shavings can mess it up. Use soap and water and a little bleach to sanitize them.

Feed Chickens: You can schedule feed them or Free feed them with a large feeder.

Collect Eggs: Check daily it minimizes cracks and keeps the eggs cleaner. Check twice a day will keep them clean and prevent them from eating them also. Keep their nesting boxes clean and change out monthly.

Watch and Observe them: Spend time with your chicks to check on their health such as bright eyes, active, smooth feathers and not being picked at from other chicks.

Every six Months: Clean and sanitize coop. Wash it down with one part bleach to 10 part water plus adding diatomaceous earth (DE) in the coop will cut down on mites and keep those hens healthier. (safe for them to eat).

Don’t forget Winter prepare for that also! Heaters for water, light to keep the hens laying and a place to roost.

So there are a few basics for you to get started or maybe excite your interest in chickens and there is always books and internet to gain more knowledge plus I will be keeping you posted once my babies get here!

brown and white roster on concrete surface
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Spring has Sprung

What a beautiful day today!! Getting all pumped up for the planting to begin and a lot of yard projects!!

What plans do you all have?

Putting finishing touches on chicken coop and waiting for the fence to come and be put up plus my friend is giving me some nice netting to put over the run area for we have hawks that like to come here and kill my birdies!! Man that ticks me off!! You definitely don’t want predators getting those or your chickens!

Now the garden beds are up and filled with dirt plus I also made some drain pipes for easier watering and to get it deeper in the soil for a better root system, I have to admit for years Hubby would put the sprinkler out and then later I’d go behind him and water with the hose! Lol well it wasn’t enough and then the leaves stayed all soggy.

Moving on to drainage pipes

garden beds

I also made a Herb Bed closer to house(kitchen herb garden) and planted seeds in it today with one more area yet for cilantro.

I divided the bed into 4 sections as to not over crowd the plants.

I lined the bed with garden fabric and mixed some planting soil and organic fertilizer in the dirt prior to planting so I’m a happy Gardner today!

Have y’all planted or started your Herbs?

Now onto filling some large pots for flowers and more herbs then some crafting decor for the back porch! Then I’m done for today!

I’m not 30,40,or 50!!! 😜🌱

Have a happy gardening day or whatever your doing!

Seeds and Seedlings


Healthy Recipes

Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

Great Tasting Muffins for anytime!

                                            Pumpkin Muffins

  1. 1 Dry Spice Cake mix
  2. 1 Can Pumpkin Puree
  3. 1 egg
  4. 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  5. 1. Cup dried cranberries
  6. 1/2 c chopped nuts
  7. 1 tsp Mexican vanilla
  • Mix above ingredients well with wire whisk making sure you get all the dry mix stored in batter.
  • Divide evenly into large muffin tins that are sprayed with a release agent and bake 350 degrees 15-18 min
  • Makes 20-24 muffins depending how full you fill with batter. I usually fill them 3/4 full.
  • Great for breakfast, snacks or Anytime!  Enjoy!

healthy recipes

Healthy Recipes

Two Ingredient Pizza Crust

                             Healthy Pizza that taste good!!


2 ingredient dough: (6 sp total)
1/2 C self rising flour
Slightly less than 1/2 C plain Greek yogurt

Mix together (will be crumbly-keep working with it). Roll into a ball and then place on greased pizza pan and flatten or roll out(I used parchment paper instead of cooking spray because I don’t like my pizza pan sprayed).
I sprinkled Italian herbs on the crust before the sauce.

I used:
1/4C pizza sauce (1 sp)
1/2 C low fat mozzarella cheese (4sp)
Green pepper
I would’ve added chicken if I’d have had some. I added Turkey Pepperoni.

Bake in oven at 375 for 23-25 min

11 points for entire pizza. So filling!

healthy recipes

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One Goal At A Time

Spring is finally here in Yellow Banks a long with nearby flooding, But that’s normal living on the Mississippi! While 6 blocks alway on my Urban Homestead the plans begin for cleanup, prepping for gardens and new chicken Coop along with all the flower beds! I love love beautifying the yard and being outside .

Well the three garden boxes are finished along with one that was salvaged from the river with all the flooding ( you can’t believe what you find floating down stream)! Finders keepers is the flood river rule😉. Anyway the salvaged boards are 2×8 and I cleaned them up a bit and hubby put them together for me. I used Linseed Oil on all my boxes to protect the wood and two are in the garden patch then the salvaged one comes out tommrow! Now the big plan is the Soil and it’s a must here with all the sand we have in our area.

I love the idea of raised garden boxes for myself and always wanted to so this was the year!

It sure will help on the back and have a lot more nutrients for my plants to thrive, for they haven’t done well in years!

The coop well that’s another new goal this year we revamped a little shed into a coop and he sure looks good with plenty of room. Still have to do some touch ups and fencing for the chickens safety and their run but looking forward to this new adventure with chickens 🐓

If your interested in learning more about garden boxes check out my link! Garden Boxes

Well Gota go more work and I will add more as the progress continues!