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Natural Non-Chemical Laundry Detergent

Chemical or Non- Chemical Laundry Detergent?  Something to think about.

Have you ever washed your cloths with store-bought laundry detergent only to find residue on your so-called clean cloths?  Do you ever feel itchy or develop a rash and not sure why?  Well here are some facts/thoughts  about Commercial Laundry Soap.


  1.  What are the dangers of boughton laundry detergent?   Here are a few for ya, Most of the chemicals don’t wash out but area absorbed in our skin and our cloths!

Detergents contain chemicals that can cause skin irritations and also many commercial detergents mimic hormones and distrust the endocrine system, And that will influence mood, reproductions , and metabolism.

Surfactants cause skin irritations.  Check the warning label!  It clearly states avoid direct skin contact!!  Now that’s kind of scary don’t you think?   Surfactants remove the oils from our cloths including natural oils produced by our skin.  It can irritate and aggravate  skin issues and that’s why sensitive skin people will break out or develop a rash.

2.  Many Endocrine Disrupters.  Researchers have found that detergents can disturb endocrine systems and interfere with hormone balance, Like many cleaners that have synthetic estrogens which incense our estrogen level like in the human body, which can have a negative effect on male-fertility.

3.  Bad for the Environment .   After your final rinse cycle in the wash the rinse water and all the stuff goes down the drain and out into the environment.,  It ‘s taken a toll on animal and plant life!  It’s not natural and they cannot process the chemicals !  

Sodium triphosphate and tri-sodium phosphate  can make their way int the water and interferes with Sea life, which increases the growth of toxin producing Algea, Which Kills our plants, fish and other sea creatures .

4. Laundry Pods.  Are a form of  Concentrated laundry detergent and have become very popular for its easiness.  Children are at higher risk because they ingest these at a higher rate because of the concentration.  They develop health complaints such as breathing difficulties, digestive issues and lesions resulting in ER visits.

5.  You only need a little.  But you say my cloths are so dirty a little more won’t hurt!   Don’t,  Too much in the wash will leave a residue in your cloths that lead to skin irritation, rashes, and endocrine disruption and possible respiratory distress.

6.  Laundry Detergent Allergies have become a rising complaint.   Stronger the detergent, the worse the ingredients tend to be.  Allergies are on the rise to products containing harsh chemicals!


More and more people are searching for a less harsh detergent and natural alternative, as more Eco-Friendly companies are rising to meet the demand offering more healthy awareness choices.

Face it we all want to be clean but do we want all those chemicals in our cloths and on our skin?   NOT!!   Let’s open our eyes and be more aware of our families, environment and Mother Earth .

Here is a great Laundry Detergent I use ALL the time!  It’s natural, non-chemical and smells ever so good!  Give it a try!   HAPPY LAUNDRY DAYS♥



2 Cups Bar Soap Grated ( I use 2 Kirks Castel soap bars)

1 Cup Borax

1 Cup Washing Soda ( not baking soda)

1/2 C Epson Salt

I grate the soap then grate it again in a small food processor with the Epson Salt.

15-20 drops of Essential Oil of choice,  I like Lavender and Tea Tree,  Also Geranium.  Mix all togeather and put in container with lid.

Use 1/4 cup of Detergent per large load




4 thoughts on “Natural Non-Chemical Laundry Detergent”

  1. I like the idea of no chemicals! Would this be ok to use in a high efficiency washing machine? Also, does it leave white splotches on dark colored clothes?


    1. I use it on all colors , You put it in the machine first with the water running then I just add my cloth in and no I haven’t noticed in residue on my cloth I love it!


      1. I can’t do that. My machine requires that clothes go in first, then lid locks, then starts filling up with water. It’s a Whirlpool Cabrio water saver.


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