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Cold Infused Herbal Oils

Calendula (calendula officials) Pot Marigold  And Jasmine (jasmine officiale)  Infused Oil



Calendula and Jasmine infused oils

Infused Oils are simply infusing the dried flowers in oil and then left to soak for several weeks , then the oils is used again with the fresh herb extract. (cold infusion).  The oils can be used for massage oils or a basis for creams, ointments and soaps

I started my infusions by packing the flowers in a sterile pint jar then covered all the herb with organic olive oil making sure all the flowers were covered with an inch of oil on top.

I left it to sit for a week and then because I’m impatient decided to go ahead and do the Quick method which I’ll explain.   I put the jars of herbs into a slow cooker with a towel on the bottom to protect the jars and then filled the cooker with water to the half-way point of the jars with lids on tightly and placed the lid on the cooker and set at LOW temperature setting on 2-4 hours.  Then removed the jars and let cool then strained into new sterile jars through a tea towel or cheese cloth and replaced with clean lids and your DONE!   Remember to store in a cool dark place like a cupboard not close to heat!

Calendula is an antiseptic and anti fungal and can be used for cuts, scrapes, dry skin, inflammations and minor injuries.   This made a mildly scented fragrance.

Makes a great cream for this purpose.

 Jasmine  is a fragrant floral herb with anticatarrhal, antidepressant, and antispasmodic properties.  Other possible uses with coughs, eczema, menstrual pain and muscle spasms.    The fragrance was weaker than I thought it would be, making me wonder if the herb was as fresh as it should have been; So heads up and double-check if you’re ordering your herbs.   Choose a reputable company for  freshness and quality.

It is good for dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin.  I can’t wait to add to my homemade soaps!


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