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Getting over the Hurdles

It’s been a little over a year now since I have been on this healthy Living journey and it’s been an exciting and no so exciting times !

After losing 40+ lbs it was like my body was yelling enough is enough! And it seemed like no matter what I did I just could budge so I re-evaluated my situation and decided ok this is it! I can’t quit now and I made some changes such as increase my water intake change up my work out routine like increased the weights and duration plus added a few new machines ! I know I must not be the only one who has hit a wall! Right?? So this past weekly weigh in I was finally down 1.5 lbs. not a lot but no gain or scale freeze! I’ll take it man! I keep looking at all the non-scale victory’s and you might wonder what these are or like me just think of the scales victory’s but it’s more than that!!

Like… crossing your legs, tying your shoes, smaller cloths, more energy, compliments, more stamina, more oxygen, no cravings, smaller notched belt, watch, loose jewelry and hey what about getting off medications!

Less or no more joint pain. Think about it if you have been here or here right now you are truly Blessed!! You can do it so don’t give up! It took a while to get unhealthy and it takes a while to get back to healthy!






Healthy and

Never Ever Give Up!!!✌️

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