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Well It’s been busy here lately with appointments and getting ready for Christmas!

I bet y’all have been busy too!  Tis the season.   I spent 5.5 hours on evening wrapping gifts and that’s a lot!!  We have 4 Boys and their families so I was thinking how could I get their gifts all together to transport them to our Christmas location this year!   well this is what I came up with and it turned out pretty good, If I do say

I bought 4 square laundry basket and weaved a big bow around it and tied it!. Wahlaa!  Needless to say their running over but it has to be something us seniors can carry :). As you can tell I Love Love the Buffalo print that’s so popular this year!  Heck I even made new LR and Kitchen Curtains!!  

Now last year I made the family Santa Bags that I heat pressed with a design and their name;  It was a big hit and a big heavy bag!!  I try to change it up each year.  So give it a try, and have some fun!  It adds to the season and joy of giving ❤



Don’t be a Grinch and share the love of Christmas!  Love and Merry Christmas to ALL!

#christmas #giftcarrier


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