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Working your Butt off and scale not cooperating

Whats going on with my body?

I was about ready to throw in the towel a few days ago!!  Have you ever been there or done that?  As I stated in past writings on my health journal I have tried many attempts to lose weight and when one wouldn’t work I’d go to another and so forth and so on!  Does this sound familiar ?  well It seems to have been my pattern for the past 40 years!!  MAN!!  How can a person diet all their life and be at peace with their self?


Let me tell you Its not been easy!  The past month I have bumped my work outs up harder and longer for 6-8 days straight and watched what I was eating, or so I thought.

I jumped on the scale at my weight meetings and ANOTHER GAIN!!!  How can this be I was instantly in tears full blown ;like I’m done what’s the use, why I’m I here and what’s the damn point!!! Yup that’s right ME!!  The one that writes about how to succeed and cheering you all on!  I felt like a complete failure and so so tired mentally and physically that day.  With in a few minutes after facing the dreaded scale MY  Leader noticed my distress and came to the rescue; We talked ,cried, and embraced while coming up with a plan of action.  You see I thought I was doing everything right, tracking my food I ate and doing my workouts and tracking my steps etc,  well their were a few little things that contributed to my 1.2 gain of this week and the gain the week before and the stand stills.

So the Plan is to track everything that goes into my mouth!  weigh my food, and that includes what I drink.  So this all got me thinking more I’m I really doing the program right??  Honestly??  NO. I was not measuring the butter, weighing the meat, drinking enough water, drinking more pop!  Did you notice the RED Light come on??  Yup. Me too!

Drink half of what you weigh in water!!  A DAY! that’s 80-90 oz for me!!  ok I can do that plus I’ll get more steps back and forth to the bathroom! Yeah me!


I know now the best way to be successful is to be honest with yourself and the plan, and I thought I was doing alright, but was taking too many short cuts which lead to the gains and stand stills!!  We shall see next Wednesday.

I (we) have to remember their are other victories besides the scale(numbers)  and believe me that’s hard to swallow!! My cloths getting looser, tummy going down, more energy and little things like that are also victories .  We all get use to seeing the numbers game and then its  hard to recognize the other!

Spring is coming!  Hold your head up and keep fighting the fight!!  ( I’m telling myself this also). This page is for my success as much is it written to help you all succeed!!

WE are all in this journey together and will succeed with help of each other, family, friends or who ever leads you guides and walks beside you!

We can do this y’all




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Did our Bodies survive the Holidays!?

Its been a while since I have been on here and I’m sorry to have let my readers down, But life and situations really got in the way!

As a new year starts and the thoughts and plans of new year resolutions it seemed fitting to start !  Wouldn’t you agree.  I still have been plugging along on my health journey but I will admit this Christmas season really was hard and I was pretty good until the end!  Then all hell broke loose along with my will power!  Man I already have been up and down for the past 3-4 months and really getting down over it.

I had reached the point where I almost gave up but then with the help of some family members and close friends I agreed I had come to far to quit!! and did I really want to buy new bigger cloths AGAIN…….NOT.  when  they became too big I gave them all away purposely so I wouldn’t gain back into them!  Does that make sense?

For different reasons some good some not I had almost quit my exercise routine totally but a few days a week if I was lucky!  Then I began getting stiff and sore  some joints didn’t want to move some bad pain setting in;  And then the big one!!  WEIGHT GAIN!!!

Yup you heard me I HAD GAINED WEIGHT!!  not one or two pounds but 8-10!!!  Holy Cow!!  yup this was it I was on a DOWNWARD SPIN BACK TO THE FAT ELF!!   Friends that scared me, I looked at that picture of me and thought what am I doing!!

Has this ever happened to any of you???  Do you remember how you felt?  What did you do??  Please tell me you pulled your big panties/briefs up and hit the road running again!!  Well I did just that and not many days ago!   Guilt, shame, embarrassed, a failure, you get the idea all these things above come rushing into your head and then the depression hits ya BAAMB!!    ok so now what!  well first I looked into my closet at the cloths and thought $$, I can’t do this again and toss all these nice cloths out for bigger ones!! no way man!!  Then I prayed for strength  ask my hubby to back me up,  by the way he was NOT for me quitting! and he could lose a few pounds himself  lol.

So we have to get a plan in place, prepare, prep, grocery shop etc. etc.  then the fun begins!  measure, track, and move!!!  Water, Water, Water!  And that ladies and gents is a tough one for me!  I’d rather have diet pop!  But I have been drinking flavored waters and that helps a lot, so hopefully it may help you!  just watch for sugar!  A definite no no!

Did I mention STRESS!   Well that was a big factor and still will be in my household!  Its called life and yes it will get in the way and blind your healthy site for sure!

With Momma, in the  nursing home with  problems and hubby with new health issues and appointments out of state its been pretty stressful;  and Im a stress eater!

News alert!  Working out is great for stress and weight loss;  It is for me at least!  at my lowest weight I was working out 5-6 days a week and drinking water!  toned, trim, and energy to boot!  And that’s folks is where my goal is today!  more water, workouts and healthy eating.  Sound good?  Sound hard?  Sound Impossible?  Is she for real?

YES, YES, AND YES!!! (no for not impossible). If you have the will you will find the way!

That is it for me now, and I wish you all the best of luck and healthy living this year!!  You can do it… you got this… never give up…..YOU give me strength to keep going!!!

ROCK ON!!!♥♥♥Healthy Living At Least Trying



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Home made Wheat Bread



2 C LUKE WARM 1/2 WATER 1/2 Milk









1 beaten egg











The best wheat bread I’ve made!

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Another Day Another Egg

Rooster or Hen

Ok so I raised them all as chicks not knowing what they were yet until the day came to move them out the their new home “The Coolest Coop in town” The Coop Is Done

As time went by a few months I was wondering are these two beauties Roosters or hens?? Then one morning I heard a weird noise sorta like a crowing noise and yup!! The black and white one was a Rooster!!! Bummer! So I watched the other one and one day I could of swore it crowed also! That is until today I go out and hang out with the chicks and their in the coop sits this black and white one and next to that box a white hen sitting in her box. Hmm I thought what’s that crazy rooster doing!! Neither one would come out as I had treats with me so I left and came back 90 min later and both were gone and her lays one brown egg right where my so called rooster was sitting!!

And here she is I think it’s a she is sitting now! Go figure!! So this chicken Moma is on guard duty!

Happy Days at Yellow Banks Urban Homestead!

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The day has finally come

Months of chicken mothering

Today finally paid off!

After months of caring for little chicks day and night, feeding , watering, cleaning vents, cages and the endless supplies and food today was the day it all paid off with this “One Little Egg”

Sitting there all by its self in the nesting box wanting to be celebrated!!

So yes chicken Moma it all was worth it! I have bonded with all nine of them and even the Two Roosters!!

My first time raising urban chickens and I love every minute of it .

So stay tuned for further adventures at Yellow Banks Urban Homestead .

Ps. What come first the chicken or the egg???So You Want To Be A Chicken Moma

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Reusable Non-Paper Towels

Save money, Less Waste and Prettier!

Are you tired of wasting money on paper towels that you keep throwing away and buying again time after time! I’m ; I could use the money on fun craft items!

It’s been on my mind for about a year now and recently visiting some awesome fabric shops with my friends I found some really cool fabric for my paperless reusable Towels!! And it’s so easy to do!

Here is what you need.

. Cotton or cotton blend fabric for top

.Terry material or cotton fleece

. Thread, straight Pins, Sewing Machine, and some music to sew by!

I cut squares of 13×13 of too fabric and bottom fabric.

Pin together with right sides together. See around edge leaving an opening to turn, then sew all around the edge and sew an X across the middle of both sides.

I’ll be folding mine and putting in a cute wire basket with a bow next to my sink!!

That’s it’s! Eazy Peazzy!!

Make themes, Gifts, and Napkins too!! That’s my next project!!

Just some more natural ideas on this “Ol Urban Homestead ”

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Make A Plan

Well it’s been a while since I been on here and it’s been a busy time here on the homestead!

So busy that I’ve not been to the gym lately but I have been working outside a lot and using my workout machine so it’s not all bad!

How about you? What’s your plan? Do you slow down come summer or quit the gym and workout at home? I think its good either way as long as you don’t quit totally!! I also have some weights sitting near my chair to remind me to get lifting!! It’s been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs and that’s normal we all are going to have weeks with a gain ! We just have to shake it off and start new the next day believe me I know how easy it would be to just say who cares anymore I messed up so why try anyway!! Been there done that!

Gain 2 pounds, lose 3 and sometimes plateau for a month!! That was hard on me knowing I have only 30 pounds to go and man it’s been the hardest! But I’m NOT giving up I think about it this way ; where was a I a year ago? A lot lighter ! Well there you go so why throw in the towel when you have come this far and done so good ! See what I mean , Look at it from where you were and then where you would like to be!!

Have a plan make a strategy like what will you do when you have a gain ? What’s your plan? Write it down then go back to it when you need it. And you will need it , We all do!!

So pull up those big girl or guy pants and hang in there you come to far Baby!!

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Soggy Plants and Muddy Pants

Spring finally came but so did storms and too much rain!

Spring a time to plan and plant, watch your flowers bloom and start thinking about gardening along with what you want to plant for your fall harvest.

Thinking Spring Thing Fall also

First spring here in Illinois began with the new raised garden beds, new soil and new plants and seedlings but Mother Nature didn’t want to let go of winter and and had cool days and night and THEN came the rains and I mean down pours day after day!! At that point the seed had surfaced and little green plants growing well searching for the sun! All was going good until the second round of rains and more flooding ! My boxes were drenched for days yes they drained but slowly because the rain never stopped!! Flooding all around us as we live on the Mississippi and she has reminded us since May 1st that she is mightier than us!!

Road closings, Levees being built and reinforced. Now my plants are soggy and some droopy, But the weeds are still growing! Imagine that!! So out I go gloves,boots,tools, hat and spray for the Gnats are swarming every where!! So I pull the weed while I slap at the gnats while slinging mud on my face plus I’m getting bites everywhere!! So I don’t finish that day and slowly and sadly walk back to house muddy pants , muddy face and all and pray for sun the next day. So what do we do in this situation ?

Give up! NO! Can’t do that so much has been invested to grow and harvest your food ( and I think of the farmers not able to get their crops planted also). Word is already out that food prices will be going up due to all the crops not getting planted in the Midwest!

I held some seedlings back to plant later and letting them harden a while but it’s soon time to plant them also.

Change of plans had a sunny afternoon so I planted those puppies!! Next week we have 6 days of rain coming too! We have to keep trying and not give in so I will be planting some of my starts in containers that I can move around and get out of the rain so they are not drenched and hope for the best!

Another option would be if all else fails due to rain and storms would be stocking up on Dehydrated veggies and herbs from food storage type stores to to add to your pantry. We can’t plant meat but we can raise our own if possible or purchase from a non GMO farmer or meat market then freeze or can the meat! I have canned turkey with carrots and was delish!! Plus it’s handy to open and dump and heat to eat!

First Flooding

The garden after first storms

Now at the time of this writing the plants have grown little and all is soggy and muddy and their are no bottoms in the boxes just landscape fabric maybe that was my problem! But this is an unusually rainy season!

on a good note I made some garden markers out of old silverware for the garden plants!

I painted them then sealed with a spray glaze and put them in appropriate places! Not bad

So all is done but a few garden plants so now weed and pray!

Chickens are growing and doing fine despite the gnats!

All is busy but rewarding at YellowBanks Urban Homestead🌻


Craziest Spring Ever

Most of us think about spring showers in April then the May flowers. Well it  didn’t start that way here on The Mississippi!!

Rain, cold and periods of snow oh and I almost forgot the Flooding! Levees being built and more rain and cool, so no planting here, this was early March through April.

Now with all this rain we will be right back where the flooding started by two weeks!

This is a picture of where my son works here on the edge of town and has to boat to work daily and this has been for over a month so far!  Its just starting to go down now but we shall see after all the rain the coming weeks they predict!


Then a break as the waters subsided but the cooler temperatures stuck around. I was so anxious to plant seeds I did anyway and failed! So tried again a few weeks later and now early May I have produce coming up! Sugar snap Peas, green beans, carrots, radishes, Potatoes, Cauliflower and bought some Heirloom plants and planted yesterday also!

Today I managed to plant two rows of green beans in between the rain and still waiting for my seedling plants to harden off, Their not quite ready yet but will be exciting to plant my first raised from seed plants of tomatoes and jalapeño pepper plants!

Garden Boxes


Thanks to Mary’s Heirloom Seeds!

I’ve never had such a busy spring and excitement!!  Preparing the coop for new chicks, designing the new garden and all the fencing and decorations;  A girl still has to decorate outside even!  Planting flowers in pots for color and to help with insects so I planted the marigolds in the pots for that reason along with the bright colors!


Seeds and Seedlings

So finally Spring has Sprung like a Lion as storms and rain continues in between the rain you’ll find me out there with nature and my Ladies ! On my simple living, urban, natural way of life, self sufficient just living like I Love to. 🌱🐥🌻


Big Day A Long Time Comingj

A country girl at heart living in a small river town I have dreamt of raising chickens for years and this year it finally happened.


About six weeks ago I finally went and had a friend hatch me some chicks, But we figured out the rooster didn’t cooperate much, For we only had two chick that hatched and a week later they both died.   So on to a farm supply store I picked my new chicks from ages two weeks to 4 weeks as good as the help could tell.   I was so excited and had been reading up on articles and blogs to prepare myself for this awesome adventure finally coming true!  I know it seems a little silly but since I was a kid I wanted to live on a farm with lots of animals, But I married a city boy and then the kids came and life but my dream never died!  I’am a little bit country a little bit rock and roll as they say.  So back to the chicks;  I purchased ten chicks some Leghorns, Rhode Islands, Bantam and cute black ones I can’t remember what they were called!  So I bought all the food, and containers for water and feed, pine shavings, cages, electrolytes, coop freshener, natural spray for mites and such, snack feed, and a heat lamp then brought my babies home and set them all up in my craft room due to the cold spell we were having which lasted forever!  I lost one of my Bantams I think because it was too hot even though I was keeping it around 85-90 degrees.  The rest were doing fine but then I had to move the older ones the Leghorns (3) to their own cages for they were growing fast plus more active and bossy! I spent a lot of time in with them due to all their scratching a flinging shavings into their water and feeders and because I just wanted to!  I would hold them talk to them and even pet them through the cage, This crazy chick mom even decided to play the piano a couple times and they all would get real quiet and fall asleep!!  Crazy huh?

Chicks inside house

I also would talk to them like I do my dogs and cat I thought it only natural I love them too right!  I know, I know, I’m crazy their just chickens man!!    But they’re MY CHICKENS!

So today was a BIG DAY  today I was finally ready to move those chicks to their new coop for all was completed in the coop with electricity, ceiling fan, heat lamp, bedding, containers, flooring, windows, and fresh paint and decor outside along with fencing and netting to keep the predators out!  We have a lot of hawks and eagles here being next to the Mississippi River!  My son and granddaughter helped with the moving of the chicks and supplies and man was I excited!!  Like a little kid in a candy store!  I tried to contain it so everyone wouldn’t think I was too nuts!!

I will continue to study and ask questions and learn as I go down this path of the chicken mom and all it entails and I’m only in it for the eggs and fun exciting times plus the  work that comes with and not to mention it keeps me more active!

Here is some pictures of the chickens new home.

   Moma Marston Chicks

I will tell you the coop was revamped from  a tea -house then a shed and now the coop!

My son built the gate out of wood he salvaged from the flood in the river along with the metal on the bottom edge of coop and my other son and us built the inside boxes and ramp for the chickens also this past week I put the linoleum on the floor and painted the outside along with some touches and chicken wire along the bottom edge of fence run plus I made to roost areas out on the run so all in all I have had a lot of fun doing work daily and preparing for these little ones and don’t regret  a bit of it!  The Coop Is Done

So if you ever think about getting chickens I hope I inspired you and gave you a little of what to prepare for and any ideas.  Am I crazy?  Yes a little, crazy about animals and would have more if I could so I do what I can on this little urban homestead and love every minute of it a day long time coming and finally here was a success and a dream come true!

So You Want To Be A Chicken Moma

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Thinking Spring Thing Fall also

Seems like springtime and we’re all rushing around planting buying flowers seeds and springy items! But now is the time to think of Fall also. Like what did you plant that maybe didn’t do well or what you would like to try this year.

In the Fall were all harvesting and canning, dehydrating or freezing our good so by thinking of what you want this fall to put up we have to plan for it! Like buying jars, seal bags, freezer bags and don’t forget to check your dehydrator that it still functions! I’m not the only one thinking Fall I noticed all the stores had their canning supplies out so check out your jar supplies and tools you need to do it.

For those of you who never dehydrated I will share a few recipes for you!

1). Dehydrating Jalapeños: First Gather them up wash in cool water , Then Alice them leaving them whole seeds and all you will have a circle , I slice mine about 1/4-1/2 inch thick .

Then arrange them flat on each tray of you dehydrator and use the clear trays so the seed don’t fall into the motor.

I set the heat on med/high and it takes about 2-3 days for mine, then I bag them in a sealer or place in jars being sure they are dry! That’s it! Great for chili or tacos in the winter!

2). Dehydrating Tomatoes, I pick around 2 pounds and rinse them well and slice thin, thin I say and lay the slices flat on the clear tray because they will stick awful to the screen trays!

These take about 2-4 days depending how you sliced them.

Once totally dry I grind mine up with a stone pestle till fine then put into small jar. The powder can be reconstituted with a little water if you want paste or I just dump some into soups and stews, taco meat, roast, about where ever you want some tomato flavor!! Not as much bulk at all and great for small spaces like me!! So that’s it just plan ahead to prepare! Enjoy!